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You know, I have to say the “coincidences” run rampant as long as Obama is squatting in the White House. Looking at the phony Osama Bin Laden assassination first: his body is supposedly dumped into the sea. Later, many of the Navy Seal Team Six crew all pile into one helicopter and it gets shot down, killing them all. Later, the guy that shot the helicopter down is killed.

Beverly Eckert, whose husband was killed on 9/11 met with Barack Obama in 2009. She was put on a complimentary flight to visit the place where she met her husband, and damn the luck, the plane crashed.

A couple of gay men that were said to have had sexual relations with Obama were murdered.

Andrew Breitbart dies suddenly of a heart attack, at age 43, shortly before he to deliver some very damaging information regarding the past unsavory associations…

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