Obama’s America 2016 … We need to remove Obama from the White House …

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I took Rini to see Obama’s America 2016 and I need to say I’ve known Obama was/is a weasel and hates America. I know his “policies” have been destructive almost beyond repair, but man, this guy is a piece of work. I mean, this guy, Barack Obama is everything America isn’t all in one person. The guy in the film said that Obama didn’t win the presidency, but Americans gave it to him. As I sat there watching I couldn’t help thinking placing this guy in the office of the presidency is the greatest mistake, possibly a fatal one, this nation has ever made.

After eight years of probably the second greatest mistake Americans made (G.W. Bush) the American people were willing to turn the nation over to a guy we literally knew nothing about. A junior senator. An admitted drug user. A thug from Chicago with the slogan “Hope…

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