As ye sow, so shall ye reap

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Once more liberal feel good legislation costs the state jobs, tax income and future employment expansion. Those passing these laws never believe individuals will move to avoid legislated stupidity.

Harsh Gun Control Law Kills More Jobs: Beretta Leaving Maryland For Tennessee

Over the past two years we’ve seen numerous firearm manufacturing companies leave liberal states with new gun control laws. Maryland is the latest to state to face tough consequences for its new harsh and irrational gun control law. Beretta, a firearms company that has been in the state for decades, is headed to Tennessee with hundreds of jobs in tow.

Beretta U.S.A. announced Tuesday that company concerns over a strict gun-control law enacted in Maryland last year have made it necessary to move its weapons making out of the state to Tennessee.

The well-known gun maker said it will move to a new production facility it is building in…

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Issa: The IRS Probably Has Some Of Lerner’s Back-ups – But They’re ‘Not Sure What To Tell Us’ (Video)

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In closed testimony before the House Oversight Committee, last week, Thomas Kane, the IRS’s deputy associate chief counsel, said the IRS may not have lost the backups of former agency administrator Lois Lerner’s emails after all.

In testimony released Monday, Kane told House Oversight investigators  that “the agency was examining whether all the back-up tapes which held the emails have been recycled.”

Via the Hill:

The IRS told lawmakers in June that the tapes had been recycled, one of the reasons that an untold number of Lerner’s emails were missing. Since then, the IRS commissioner, John Koskinen, has repeatedly stood by those statements in congressional testimony.

But Kane, the top IRS official in charge of producing documents for Congress, said on Thursday that: “I don’t know if there is a backup tape with information on it or there isn’t. I know that there’s an issue out there about it.”


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Trey Gowdy Wants to Defund Obama’s Vacations, And He’s 100% Right

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Conservative Tribune

It seems like just about every week Trey Gowdy is in the news as he fights the good fight against Obama and the liberals.

He’s been relentless going after the administration on Benghazi and other scandals, and calling out Democrats like Nancy Pelosi on their “mind-numbing” stupidity.  Gowdy has also announced support for a lawsuit against Obama for failing to do his basic executive duties.

He’s now got another suggestion to rein in this reckless administration: Defund Obama’s vacations as a punishment for executive overreach.  Awesome.

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Oklahoma Governor: ICE Sent Us 1,200 Illegal Alien Children – Including 90 From India

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Weasel Zippers


Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the feds sent 1,200 illegal immigrant children to Oklahoma to hold for 120 days. 90 of those illegal children were from India.

“Because they are children, we want them to be fed, and have appropriate medical care, certainly be safe within the facilities, and they’re segregated. BUt, one of the things I’ve heard since they’ve been there and it was reported while I was there actually, that there were not only El Salvadoran children, and Honduras, and Guatemala, but there were 90 children reported to be from India that were actually at the facility. And, one of the case workers told my secretary of health that we had people there besides South American children.”

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Barack Hussein Obama pressures Israel to curb anti-tunnel defense

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istandwith israel

Any surprise that he’s siding with Israel’s enemy?

Israel needs to take the gloves off. When they catch a Muslim they need to bury him with a hog head or some form of pork. Hamas uses every trick in the book and it is time to fight fire with fire!

Daily Caller

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Absolute Proof Obama planned for the Kids Invasion months before they started arriving

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Grumpy Opinions

A few days ago I was visiting Sara Noble’s Independent Sentinel, she’d done a post titled Explosive: Smoking Gun Proving Obama Planned The Border Invasion that showed a number of church organizations had been receiving cash, a lot of cash starting in 2010 from the Department of Homeland Security for “citizenship and education training” and Health and Human Services Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.

The old phrase Follow the Money came to mind…

I started out with short version of the DHS Budget proposal, currently it’s about 220 pages of mostly sales pitch.. It’s got the big numbers, and a lot of pictures showing people all the great stuff the Department of Homeland Security does for America. It’s designed so members of Congress can gloss over it, and say they read it without going through the 3300 page long version, which cannot be viewed online, you have to…

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White House ‘Quietly’ Exempts 4.5 Million People In 5 “Territories” From Obamacare

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Free Republic

As WSJ reports, last week’s geopolitical chaos and distraction was ideal for a news dump, and the White House didn’t disappoint: On no legal basis, all 4.5 million residents of the five U.S. territories were quietly released from ObamaCare. It seems the costs of healthcare soared in these five territories due to uneconomic mandates – which would have been a disaster PR-wise for the administration and so, under cover of catastrophe, WSJ reports all of a sudden last week HHS discovered new powers after “a careful review of this situation and the relevant statutory language,” that enabled them to ‘selectively exempt’ American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands from Obamacare. And all while vacationing…

As WSJ reports,

The original House and Senate bills that became the Affordable Care Act included funding for insurance exchanges in these territories, as President Obama promised when as a…

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Fostering the lies

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It was on a hot and humid Washington afternoon exactly 21 years ago today that the lifeless body of Vincent W. Foster, deputy White House counsel and personal attorney to both President William Jefferson Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was found in Fort Marcy Park, located on the outskirts of Washington, DC. The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to his head fired from a small caliber weapon.

The cause of his death was officially ruled as a suicide, and except for a small number of truth-seeking investigators, the case has long been closed. This, despite the forensic evidence that is indicative of homicide, and the proven fact that individuals tampered with not only the crime scene, but the office and personal effects of Mr. Foster.

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Hamas Social Media Rules: Describe Terrorists as Innocent Civilians

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IDF Blog

Hamas is employing a new tactic to conceal its true terrorist nature from the world. It has begun asking Gaza’s social media users to disseminate lies throughout the West and the Arab world. 

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Obama, Holder and Duncan: ‘Our Work Here Is Almost Done’

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Bob Montgomery, Grumpy Opinions

We’re poor little lambs
who have lost our way,
Baa Baa Baa,

American institutions are falling like dominoes now, bowing to Political Correctness, surrendering their autonomy and dignity and generally joining the ‘Me Too’ chorus. The Fundamental Transformation is well on it’s way.
One of the toughest nuts to crack, of course, was The University. Traditionally a bastion of free speech, unbridled liberalism and heroic self-expression, with a decidedly anti-authoritarian credo, they are knuckling under to the Master Plan as presented by the fascist community organizers known as The Obama Administration. And the sad part about it is, they think they’re team players; they think they’re on the ‘winning side’.

This year Holder and Duncan teamed up on an initiative to demand that colleges across the country set up programs and machinery and adopt operating principles to combat some supposed pandemic of rape and mayhem plaguing…

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