The dangerous myth conservatives believe – Tea Party Nation

The dangerous myth conservatives believe – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on April 17, 2011 at 7:34am in Tea Party Nation Forum

There is a fallacy that conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members often share.   It is a myth that we want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Perhaps it is the hope we have or the outlook we share on America.

 The myth is the left in this country wants the same things we do.  We accept the myth that they love this country as much as we do.  We accept the myth they want freedom and liberty for everyone.  We accept the myth they are patriotic.  We subscribe to these myths, not withstanding they fly in the face of the evidence we see almost daily. 

 Recently on the Stephanie Miller radio show, liberal Congressman and lowest IQ in the House of Representatives winner Loretta Sanchez mocked freshman Tea Party members with a fake southern accent and called them “Moe.”   Racial stereotyping is very acceptable for liberals, but if a conservative even breathes a word, it is immediately blasted as racist, usually by Sanchez.

 Almost two months ago, we saw the liberal point of view on full display with James O’Keefe’s undercover videos.  Thinking he was talking to fellow travelers, former NPR executive Ron Schiller put liberal tolerance on full display.  His rants went from the standard fare of conservatives being “uneducated” to all the traditional, tired liberal buzzwords, including xenophobic, gun-toting racists and hateful.

 At Tea Party events yesterday, liberals came out to protest the Tea Party.  This happened in Madison Wisconsin and in Oregon as well.   Here is a video from the socialists’ protest.  Warning obscene and very offensive language. 

 The Tea Party message has been simple.  We want freedom.  We want everyone in America to succeed.  We want everyone to have the American dream.  The left’s message to the Tea Party is SHUT UP.

 How do you have a dialogue with a political group that wants you to shut up and go away?

 If the Tea Party movement is to be successful, we are going to have to beat the left.  There can be no compromise with a group that wants to see us silenced. 

 We can no longer accept the idea that they left is simply misguided.  A while back, a film came out talking about Al Gore and the global warming scam.  The title of the movie was, “No evil, just wrong.”  In dealing with the hard left, the title should be, “evil and wrong.”

 The Tea Party must be victorious.  Not only in the ballot box as we elect conservatives to office, but we must use our success to dismantle liberalism.  As is being done in Wisconsin and Tennessee, we must take apart the public unions, which are little more than a funding arm for the Democratic Party.   We must cut the funding sources for liberalism in the government.  We must defund groups like Planned Parenthood, who receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the government then turn around and give millions to help elect Democrats.  We must eliminate programs that fund liberal activist groups.  We need to indentify the sources of their funding and go after them.

 In the last few decades, the left has done an incredible job of setting up streams of funding that mostly come from the government. We must stop those.   We must always remember that the goal of the left is to turn America into a socialist state.  There can be no compromise with that.  The fight will go on as long as there is an America.  As Ronald Reagan warned us, freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.    Today, we have much less than that, perhaps only a couple of years. 

 This is why we fight.

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