Obama Suffers From Total Disconnect – Tea Party Nation

Obama Suffers From Total Disconnect – Tea Party Nation.

Sometimes it seems that Obama has a real disconnect when he’s speaking – either his teleprompter is broken or he has a total lapse of memory. Did he forget sort of like Eric Holder that Project Gunrunner allowed the transport of US heavy artillery across the border to the Cartels and terrorists and we have lost a border agent and ICE employee due to a program that’s gone awry.

Obama acknowledge that there might be a problem with Project Gunrunner and that was the end of that discussion. Yet when he was doing his victory lap about Osama bin Laden he said, “Anyone who questions whether the terrorist mastermind didn’t deserve his fate “needs to have their head examined.”

The flip side of that coin is those entering our country from Mexico are terrorists and like Osama bin Laden they wish to harm our Nation, so why does Obama keep pussy footing around about the border problems.
This is proof of the “Disconnect” that I mentioned earlier. Talk about head examined – this is definitely a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

He spouts off in his El Paso, Texas speech about immigration reform and border security saying they (whomever they refers to) are never satisfied and will probably want moats with alligators on our Arizona and Texas borders – not a bad idea Obama! In fact, Obama put your money where your mouth is – you’ve acknowledged we have a problem so take care of it.

Obama has worn out his welcome with most of us and we’re tired of the blame game – he’s the one who wanted to be President and he’s the one who has disgraced our Nation by his wishy washy foreign politics.

We’re tired of the idle promises and blatant lies – Obama and President Felipe Calderon joined hand to chastise Americans last year about our illegal alien problem. The terrorists are terrorizing those who live in the Border States and we’re getting the blame!

Of course Felipe Calderon wants us to allow illegal aliens into our country, because billions of dollars go from our house to theirs each year– the illegals work here to support their families and Government in Mexico.

McClatchy has an interesting Mexican Government report that sort of leaked out stating that 22,700 deaths have occurred in about a three – year period. McClatchey report April 29th 2010. No one knows actual figures, but we do know that Calderon must take the responsibility for the maiming and killing of thousands.


Mexican deaths and violence are escalating in 2011, many families including children murdered. Piles of bodies found – man beheaded and stabbed multiple times by drug cartel in Chandler, Arizona. May 9th, 2011 Mexican Marines discover drug camp finding 11 decapitated bodies near Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border. 22 remains exhumed from the same site where over 179 bodies were found the month before…

February 15th, Ice Agent Special Agent Jaime Zapata was killed. Border Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, shot and killed by drug cartel with one of our Project Gunrunner weapons.

So, if anyone thinks I will give Obama any praise for Osama bin Laden, you’re dead wrong – his stance on terrorist since 2008 has been soft and he’s most reluctant to protect our Nation. I believe Obama was forced into ordering the death of Osama this and we probably won’t know the real truth for years.

This action he claims fame for just doesn’t fit his ideology – look at the way he defends the Muslim brotherhood. Just think about it – Obama, Janet Napolitano and his Administration along with the Left News Media (The Dumpsters) are trying to blind side America again with false propaganda and cover up about the Illegal Immigration problem.

Hispanics are starting to realize that his speech about immigration reform is nothing but a feeble campaign promise to get their votes. Obama has worn out his welcome with the Hispanics and college students!
Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona was sued by the DOJ when she tried to get the SB 1070 – thank goodness she won’t give up her fight to protect Arizona, she’ taking this to the Supreme Court. Arizona is being punished for doing their job!

The lack of engagement about the problems of our Nation ring loud and clear as Obama tries to get a jump start for the 2012 campaign – you can fool the people once, but not twice Obama.

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