Down the memory hole – Tea Party Nation

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Down the memory hole – Tea Party Nation.

It is hard to believe that we are thirty months into the Obama regime.  The good news is that unless he can steal the election, and never underestimate that possibility from the Party of Treason, there are only another eighteen months to go. 

The Obama and the Obama lap dog media still want to blame George Bush for the Obama depression.   The have conveniently forgotten a few facts worth remembering as we head into 2012.

The Obama regime is right about one thing.  When he took over, the economy was slumping.   Economies do not correct overnight.  It took the better part of three years before we saw improvement in the eighties under Reagan. 

In February 2009, Obama demanded his stimulus bill.  He got an unprecedented $787 billion in spending through the Congress, which was then totally controlled by the Party of Treason.  Do you remember February 2009?  Those look like the good old days compared to today.

In February 2009, unemployment was 8.2 percent.  Of course, remember the numbers for unemployment are cooked.  During the Clinton administration, they changed the way they calculated the “unemployment” rates to make the economy look stronger, coincidentally, just in time for the 1996 elections. 

In February 2009, Obama promised us that if this stimulus passed, the unemployment would fall below eight percent.  Unfortunately for the Obama regime, the guy who faked the Presidential Birth Certificate was not available to fake unemployment numbers.   The numbers rose to 8.6 percent and then 8.8 percent and have not been south of 8.8 percent since then.  Currently the “official rate” of unemployment is 9.2 percent.  The real rate is much higher since; those who are under-employed and those who have given up their search for employment are not counted. 

We have trade deficits and budget deficits. Well now, we also have a job deficit.   Just to keep up with our population growth, America needs to create 125,000 jobs a month.  While Obama is claiming to be creating 100,000 to 200,000 a month back in May, the truth of the matter is the economy (not Obama nor the government) created only 25,000 jobs in May and only 18,000 in June. 

Obama’s solution is to spend more money.  He wanted to spend two trillion dollars but the GOP stopped him.  If Obama’s last stimulus had driven unemployment from 8.2 percent to 9.2 percent, what would his doubled down stimulus do for us?  Take unemployment to 12 percent?

Creating jobs is not that hard.  If the Obama regime and the Party of Treason did not hate America so much and want to see America’s economy wrecked, it could be easily done.


Make it easy to create jobs.  When you increase taxes and the cost of an employee, you have fewer employees.  Cut the regulations. When you create a bunch of silly regulations, you make it harder for businesses to create jobs or even make a profit.    Earth to Obama, in order for a business to hire new people, it has to be able to make a profit.  Of course, Obama and the Party of Treason know this. They simply do not want America to recover.

Obamanomics have not worked.  It has been a disaster for this country.  It has taken a recession and turned it into the Obama depression. 

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “A recession occurs when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression occurs when you lose yours.  A recovery occurs when Obama loses his.”  

A recovery is only eighteen months away.


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