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Chin Music – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on July 24, 2011 at 6:47am in Tea Party Nation Forum

“As I read the Constitution, Congress writes the laws and you get to decide what you are going to sign.”

 Wow!  There is a high and tight fastball aimed right at Obama.   Can you guess who the pitcher is?  It will shock you.

 It was none other than John Boehner.

 No freshly laundered white flag of surrender for him on Saturday.  He was giving Obama some chin music.   Has Boehner seen the light? Or just responding to the pressure from freshmen and from the people who are telling Boehner this time, no surrender.

 Boehner is a politician so I know all too well not to get excited about him, but this is the power of the Tea Party at work.  Boehner is not capitulating, at least not now. 

 One thing I have talked about at length is the need to push back in the media.   We conservatives too often ignore the media.  We often complain that the media is liberal.  Yes, they are liberal.  Yes, by and large they are pushing a liberal agenda.  Yes, by and large, they will feature a liberal host and one or more liberal guests vs. just one conservative guest.  Most of the time the liberal guest gets the softball questions while the conservative gets the gotcha questions. 

 Just because the media is mostly liberal, we cannot ignore them.  We must push back. 

 On Face the Nation this morning, extreme left wing Senator Richard Durbin is going to be on CBS, talking about the Debt Ceiling talks. Let’s show him the Twitter Tea Party.  This morning take the time to tweet at him.  His handle is @senatordurbin.   Durbin may not see it directly but his staff will tell him about it.  Send Twitter Tea Party messages to Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer as well.  His twitter is @bobschieffer.   Use the hashtags #twitterteaparty and #predeclined.    The hashtag #twitterteaparty is being used this weekend and #predeclined leads into the Washington Addiction Intervention week that Tea Party Nation is a part of.

 As we roll into next week, there is going to be another major push to stop Washington’s spending addiction. is the website for the intervention.  The plan is very simple.  Use social media as well as personal contacts with our Representatives to tell them to stop spending. 

 This week, make it a point to call your Representative and Senators to tell them personally, to stop spending our money.  America has a debt problem.  How do we get to a debt problem?  It is really simple.  We have overspent and we continue to over spend.   With hundreds of billions of dollars in waste in the Federal budget and no one addressing the issue, we are over spending.

 When our government will spend $2.6 million of our tax dollars on a program to teach Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly, we the people have the right to say something is wrong with this system and we do not need our money going there.  How about spending close to a million to study methane production from cows or to digitize images from concerts by the band, The Grateful Dead?  How about $1.8 million to a museum for neon signs in Las Vegas?  $35 million to phantom medial clinics that never existed?

 With this amount of waste and fraud in the government, and those are just a few examples, for the government to continue spending money the way it is with no effort to reform and stop, it is the classic sign of an addiction. 

 If you are fed up with what the government is doing, step up.   Join the Twitter Tea Party this weekend and join the Washington Spending Addiction Intervention this week.  Fire off your tweets, using both the hashtags #twitterteaparty and #predeclined.   Tweet to Speaker Boehner (@speakerboehner) and to Eric Cantor (@ericcantor) as well as to your Representative and Senators.  Let them know you are sick and tired of paying out your hard earned tax dollars for this kind of waste and fraud.   Tell them the government does not deserve any more of America’s money when it cannot even manage what it already has.

Now is the time to keep the pressure on.  Now they are listening.  Now, we are winning.

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