America’s dumbest Republican Congressman. – Tea Party Nation

America’s dumbest Republican Congressman. – Tea Party Nation.

Regrettably the Democrats do not have a monopoly on stupid Congressmen.  It is an almost monopoly, as Democrats like Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson lower the bar almost daily.  But there is a Republican Congressman who has taken stupidity to a new level.

 Who is it?

 Steve Chabot of Ohio.

 On August 22, Chabot held a town hall meeting.  He held the meeting at a public school and Chabot’s staff ordered police to confiscate cell phone cameras.

 Here is the video.

I don’t know any other way to put this.  Chabot is a moron.  First, you cannot confiscate the property of a private citizen without a warrant or some other due process.  Second, and I will type this slowly just in case Chabot is reading this so he will understand this.  PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME.

 If you go in public, you can expect to be photographed and recorded on video.  Perhaps Chabot should go back and read the Constitution.

 A call to Congressman Chabot’s office in Washington referred TPN to Chabot’s spokesman in his District office.  Repeated calls to that office were not answered, as the line remained busy.

 Perhaps the call the Congressman should get is a call to learn what the Bill of Rights guarantees or a call to get out of his job.



2 Responses to America’s dumbest Republican Congressman. – Tea Party Nation

  1. Pancho says:

    I am a conservative, and I donate to the campaigns of conservative politicians from sea to shining sea. I am not familiar with this blog, and, for all I know, it could be one of the typically weepy and despicable liberal blogs that populate the internet, but, I find Chabot’s banning, and collecting of cameras at his town hall meeting to be a despicable act, representing the privileged lifer-hack political attitude which I despise. This louse needs to rejoin the private sector and get out of government. This clod should be primaried and sent on his way. There are many, many better Republican to replace him. I have read elsewhere on the internet that his office has stated that future town hall meetings would also have camera bans. What a clod.

  2. marcusporcius says:

    Yeah how stupid is this? Now instead of maybe some YouTube video of Democrats chanting or asking embarrassing questions, you have video of government using force to keep citizens from exercising their rights.

    Yeah, Steve, MUCH better.

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