Defense cuts coming home to roost – Tea Party Nation

Defense cuts coming home to roost – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 28, 2011 at 2:38pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

Bill Clinton blew the peace dividend.  George Bush did not do much to correct the problem.  Barack Obama has gutted defense to the point where we have a hollow military.   

 The talk of America being the only superpower is now ending because another superpower is emerging and taking advantage of our foolishness.

 From the Hill:

 Conservative lawmakers and analysts are seizing on the Pentagon’s finding that China is “closing the gap” with other militaries to criticize the Obama administration’s plans to pare U.S defense spending.

The critics say the president does not fully grasp the Asian giant’s global ambitions.

“The [Pentagon’s] China military power report acknowledges China’s insatiable desire to become a ‘world class economic and military power’ as it advances toward transforming its military into a dominant regional force by 2020 and an unrivaled international power by 2050,” House Armed Services Readiness subcommittee Chairman Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said.

 Forbes then turned his sights, in a veiled way, on plans to trim at least $350 billion from U.S. military budgets between 2013 and 2023.

“There is no question that China is rapidly closing the technology gap and striving to challenge the United States’ military prowess — there is a question, though, of whether the United States will simply cede its global and military leadership role to a nation with uncertain intentions, but known disregard for human rights, basic freedoms, and democratic institutions,” Forbes said in a statement.

In its annual report to Congress, released Wednesday, the Pentagon acknowledged that China’s military is “steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces.”

Speaking to reporters that afternoon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for East Asia Michael Schiffer said Beijing’s buildup could end up being a “destabilizing” force in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of its military buildup, China is expected to increase its defense spending by nearly 13 percent over last year’s amount. That will continue its years-long trend of annually increasing military spending.

Beijing, over the next decade, will field a number of combat systems that are “on par with” or will “exceed global standards,” Schiffer said.

This is what happens when we elect Socialists.  The world is a bad place and while America should not be the world’s policeman, we must remain strong.

 The only place the left ever wants to see budget cuts is in the defense budget.    Unfortunately, what the left never seems to realize is that there are evil people in this world who will take advantage of someone when they are weak. 

 Instead of wasting all of the money Obama and the Party of Treason are blowing on pork, how about we spend money on something the Constitution actually mandates that the Federal Government spend money on.

 That would be the common defense.

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