“Abject liar” – Tea Party Nation

“Abject liar” – Tea Party Nation.

Rick Perry called Barack Obama last night either the recipient of terrible intel or an abject liar.

 My vote is for abject liar. 

 How many times does he lie to America and get away with it?

 Joe Wilson of South Carolina called it right when he shouted out, “you lie!” at a joint session of Congress.

 The list of Obama lies could fill a book.  Obama has claimed the fence between Mexico and the United States is practically complete.  Even DHS says it is only 5% complete.

 Obama told us he would not rest until the BP spill was stopped.  Obama played at least four rounds of golf and took a weekend vacation while the BP well continued to pump out oil.

 He told us the Health Care bill would not add to the deficit and save money.  He recently admitted that the Health Care bill would not save any money.  He told us we would be able to keep our own insurance plan.  Oops another abject lie.

 Obama claimed there was no place else in America to drill for oil.  Someone needs to tell Obama, some where in the 57 states; there are places where we can drill.  Anwar is a good start and it is in America.

 Obama said unemployment would be 8.5% without the stimulus.  9.1% with it is, what?

 He promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term.  Abject lie. 

 He told us that his mother spent the last months of her life fighting insurance companies over insurance coverage.  He also said that he did not know Jeremiah Wright was an America hating radical.  He promised he would allow the American people five days to view any bill before he signed it.  He also claimed his father fought in World War 2.    That is a pretty good trick since he was 9 years old when World War 2 ended.

 And Obama told us he was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity either.

 Abject liar?  That is the MO of the Obama regime.  Has the man uttered a single truthful statement the entire time he has been in office?

 It is possible.  But with Barack Obama, truthful statements are hard to find.  Life is tough when you are an abject liar.


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