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Obamneycare – Tea Party Nation.

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There is an inconvenient truth Mitt Romney would like conservatives and Republicans to forget.   He was the inspiration for Obamacare and the individual mandate came straight from Romneycare.

 Ron Suskind has a new book out, called “Confidence men.”  It is about the Obama regime and goes into some detail about the origins of the individual mandate.

 From the Daily Caller:

 Suskind goes on to demonstrate that President Obama, who previously had not embraced the individual mandate, was impressed by RomneyCare’s impact in Massachusetts:

“… the centerpiece of that program, the individual mandate, was something Obama had drawn up short of endorsing during the campaign, much to the ire of Hillary Clinton, who called him ‘all talk, no action’ on health care. Now, DeParle, in her memo, stressed that Obama should embrace a plan much like that in Massachusetts, driven by the teeth of a mandate, where individuals would be fined for not having health insurance. Obama, never much for the mandate, was concerned about legal challenges to it but was impressed by DeParle’s coverage numbers. Without the mandate, the still-sketchy Obama plan would leave twenty-eight million Americans uninsured; with the mandate, the estimates of the number left uninsured were well below ten million.” (p. 262-263)

It’s no big secret that Obama looked to RomneyCare to craft his plan. But this book may also serve to remind everyone of what is obviously an inconvenient truth for Mitt Romney.

 For conservatives this is important because we need a conservative to get the nomination and Romney is not a conservative.

 From Fox News:

 The upcoming Fox News/Google debate Thursday in Florida comes at a time when growing numbers of voters are becoming so frustrated with President Obama they are vowing to vote against him. But, as demonstrated in a new national poll out Wednesday, Americans are still far more interested in voting against Obama than voting for anybody in the current Republican field. 

At the debate, the candidates will have a chance to reveal that political X factor — the quality that makes them not just competitive, but presidential. But while the right candidate may already be on stage, polls suggest voters haven’t fallen in love with anybody yet. 

  This election is going to be the ABO election.  Anyone but Obama.  The Republican primary needs to be ABR.   Anyone but Romney. 

 If Romney is elected, all we will have is a Republican manager of big government.  The size of government will not be reduced and what Obama has implemented will become permanent.   We need to make our choice:  Perry, or Bachman, or Gingrich or Cain.  Any of them is better than Romney.


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