Occupying occupied Chicago – Tea Party Nation

Occupying occupied Chicago – Tea Party Nation.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread out through the country.  Small groups of anarchists have set up shop, probably not looking for their next shower, certainly not looking for a job and probably already have their next dime bag of marijuana with them. 

 In New York, protestors marched with a photoshopped image of what was the decapitated head of the chairman of Goldman Sachs.  Two hundred years ago, real mobs separated real heads from real bodies, planted them on pikes and paraded them through the streets of Paris. Today’s mobs, for the moment anyway, just use photoshop.

 In Chicago, which has been occupied territory for the last 60 years or so, the Occupy Chicago group has posted its “demands.”

 From the Wall Street Journal:

 The local spin-off of the Occupy Wall Street protests born in Manhattan released 12 proposed demands during the weekend, some of the first specifics to emerge from collection of groups that have sprung up in recent weeks across the U.S.

Occupy Chicago, an independent group inspired by the New York protests, which take aim at corporations and the wealthy, appear to be the first in the movement to adopt official demands: Repeal the Bush tax cuts and prosecute “Wall Street criminals.” At an open meeting Saturday in downtown Chicago, nine-tenths of the nearly 300 present voted to adopt those demands.

This week, the group plans to vote on other proposed demands, which include giving the Securities and Exchange Commission more regulatory power, forgiving student debt, reforming campaign-finance law and enacting the so-called Buffett Rule, a White House proposal to prevent millionaires from paying lower tax rates than middle-class Americans.

Occupy Wall Street has taken flak for not announcing specific demands in a protest that has engulfed sections of lower Manhattan and is now entering its fourth week. Bill Dobbs, a member of the Occupy Wall Street press committee, said he doesn’t know of plans to adopt specific demands.

“I mean, I’ve got my own set of demands,” he said. But “all our energy is going to ringing the alarm bells about economic conditions in this country.”

 Like most of the other mobs, this one is clueless too.  The State of Illinois in the last year pretty much followed what they wanted, at least as far as tax policy is concerned.  Illinois raised taxes by 67%. 

Capital, jobs and people are fleeing Illinois. 


 Many of those people and jobs are going to Wisconsin, where the GOP legislature and Governor have been cutting spending, taxes and making Wisconsin much more business friendly. 

 Funny, the same thing happened in Maryland, where there were tax hikes.  Virginia is reaping the rewards of Maryland’s folly. 

 Wisconsin and Virginia are doing well, despite the Obama economy while liberal Illinois and Maryland are doing the slow circle around the toilet bowl. 

 These anarchists simply want socialism.  While facts and history are something they do not seem to have a grasp on, perhaps people should remind them that what they want has been tried in the past.

 The end result has always been poverty, tyranny and frequently mass murder.

 Personally, I still choose liberty.

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