“Threatening the left” – some background of my own – Tea Party Nation

“Threatening the left” – some background of my own – Tea Party Nation.

I just enjoyed reading Judson Phillips‘ blog of today, “Threatening the left”, in which he expressed support for Marco Rubio and myself.  http://www.teapartynation.com/forum/topics/threatening-the-left

 I’m honored that he would even talk about me in the same blog with Marco Rubio.

 It was especially comforting in light of the abuse I’ve experienced this week from the drooling “useful idiot” loons of the left, even to the point of posting a photo of me online and receiving veiled death threats.

 It was particularly poignant to me, because I was born in Miami in 1948 and lived my first 31 years there. I would have voted for Marco Rubio, if I’d still been living there when he ran for office, and would definitely vote for him today if he ran for President. I think he’d make a great one.

 Growing up down there, I gained first hand experience with, and sympathy for, the people who fled Cuba and Castro in the early ’60’s.

 I was there during the “Cuban Missile Crisis“, and later, a co-worker who was retired Air Force told me that our country was literally sitting there with the ICBM doors open, something I imagine not many Americans ever realized.

 Yet now we have a President who has abandoned the Monroe Doctrine and allows missiles to be placed in Venezuela, and aimed a the United States, and which could receive nuclear warheads when Iran goes nuclear, at some time in the near future.

 I had a summer job while in high school, at an anodizing company, where the plant manager had been a medical doctor in Cuba and had given that up to come to the United States to be free. Freedom is a powerful thing and I truly believe that most people yearn for it.

 I heard so many horror stories about the totalitarian socialist regime in Cuba, the “socialist paradise” that trendy U.S. Marxists like Michael Moore and his Hollywood limousine liberal friends like to visit, that it sickens me when I see someone wearing a “Che Guevara” t-shirt. Do they even realize that Che may have personally killed as many as 17,000 Cubans, that he said there was no need of trials to determine someone’s guilt, and that he was a rabid racist who despised black people? This is no hero they wear on their t-shirts, anymore than Mao, who killed an estimated 70 million Chinese people.

 Judson said to me yesterday, that, “when the left goes after you like this, you are a real threat to them”, but I replied to him that I’m no threat to anyone, I’m nobody. Just an individual who still supports freedom. I think that the real threat to the left is the Tea Party movement itself, which they’ve been doing everything within their power to lie and smear out of existence since its inception. Why?

 Because I think the Tea Party movement is the only thing still standing between socialism and their century-old global domination agenda. The only thing, and with the majority who are good, decent freedom-loving Americans standing with us.

 We’re the ones who would agree with the words of Cuban patriot Jose Marti, who said:

 “La libertad no es negotiable.”  ( Liberty is not negotiable. )

 And that terrifies them.

 Viva Cuba libre!

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