We are so screwed! – Tea Party Nation

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We are so screwed! – Tea Party Nation.

The Democrats in Washington were surely channeling P.T. Barnum the day Mitch McConnell and John Boehner hauled up their freshly laundered white flags of surrender and agreed to the budget deal that created the Deficit Super Committee.

 There is a sucker born every minute and for the last two minutes it was McConnell and Boehner. 

 At least two Republicans on the Super Committee have joined Democrats in agreeing, at least in principle to “revenue increases.”  Revenue increases is the euphemism the liberals use for tax increases.

 When the Republicans named their representatives to the Super Committee, the handwriting was on the wall. 

 Why is the Tea Party so adamantly against new taxes?

 First we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. 

 Taxes are a problem because taxes never go away.  To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the closest thing to eternal life in this world is a government tax.  Raising “revenues” as Washington likes to call it masks the problem.  We have out of control spending.  The deficit reduction panel will make some spending cuts, but more revenues simply allows further increases in government spending. 

 The real issue here is government responsibility.  As I have pointed out countless times, the government is awash in waste, fraud and abuse.   I have pointed out, probably to the point people are tired of hearing about it, the Government Accounting Office report identifying “hundreds of billions” in wasteful government spending.

 Before the government considers any kind of tax increase, that massive waste must be addressed. 

 Of course, that will not happen. 

 The stage is already being set for massive tax hikes and no serious spending reductions, other than in the Defense Department. 

 Former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and RINO retread Alan Simpson have approached the committee with a plan that would include almost $1 trillion in tax increases.   Simpson railed against Republicans who have signed a no tax increase pledge, trying to pressure them to come off of it.  No wonder the left loves him so much.   There is a popular email floating around the Internet that refers to Alan Simpson as Captain BS. 

 The drumbeat is being pushed by the Washington media that tax hikes are the only way we can get the deficit under control. 

 No, there are a lot of ways.  Out of control spending got us into this mess, so that is where we have to start.  Instead of raising taxes, which we know will never be used to reduce the deficit, lets get serious about cutting spending.

 First, lets start by cutting those hundreds of billions of dollars in waste.    Then lets start by cutting parts of government that do not work.  Let’s eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy.  Both, by any stretch of the imagination have been abject failures.   

 How many other departments can we eliminate?

 How about foreign aid?  For the last sixty years, we have sent hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars out to try and buy the friendship of hostile regimes.  We can see how that worked out for us.  Why are we sending millions to the Palestinian Authority, which is basically an alter ego for an Islamic terrorist group?

 The real motivation of the Democrats with the Super Committee is a political motivation.   They know at least one Republican, and based on media reports, probably more, are going to cave and agree to revenue increases.  As the Republicans run in 2012 on a platform of cutting spending and not increasing taxes, the Democrats are going to be able to turn around and say, “see, they raised taxes too.”

 I wish I could say I am optimistic about what will happen later this year.  I am not.  There will be no serious cuts in spending, outside of the Defense Department and we will see something that is a “revenue increase.”

 The message for us in the Tea Party movement is simple.  We have to redouble our efforts.  We have to get a conservative President and put conservatives in the House and Senate so that among other things, we replace both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner with real Republican conservatives. 

The Tea Party swept Republicans back into power in 2010, but they are not listening.  Now, as we go into 2012, we have to send them a message they cannot ignore.


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