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Globull Warming:

Every 14.3 seconds someone in America makes up a meaningless statistic (If politicians are included in the data, it is 8.6 seconds). The regressive Progressives are screaming that our cool summer and cold winter is part of global warming. Furthermore they argue that all of this is human caused, which is very debatable (Debatable means the left screams about it, while the sane people look at the data and shrug). It is global warming when it is warm, it is global warming when it is cold, it is all a crock. Global warming aka climate change is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated upon the American people. It is a tool for tyranny and wealth redistribution.

Anyone born on or before JFK was killed, knows that the early 1970’s was a hoot and a holler. America transitioned from hippies and Vietnam to disco and the coming ice age. There was no ice age, but there was an abundance of snow, aka “blow” available at disco’s across America, and bell bottom pants. But, mostly cocaine. It seems that the disco inferno melted away any shot at an ice age. Or, the scientists were idiots. I’ll take idiots for a thousand Alex. The sun comes up and it gets warm. The sun goes down, it cools off, the earth rotates and the seasons change. Apparently the scientists screaming about climate change never noticed that large fiery orb in the sky called the sun.

For those who attended public school and may have missed it, North America was once covered in ice (Which delighted the hockey and curling crowd). This, “ice age” was solved by Aquanet and spray deodorants. Actually, it was solved by global warming, as the sun melted the ice. Since there weren’t a lot of people around and no carbon emitting factories, energy plants and internal combustion engines, the indigenous people did not have anyone to blame. As people flourished and North America became modernized, the increased carbon in the atmosphere helped with things like farming and forest growth, but the byproduct of the carbon consuming plants was dangerous. Due to the abundance of oxygen, people bred and thus was born a larger amount of liberals, tree huggers and idiots. Mostly idiots (liberals).

The flood of EPA regulations, on the heal of the failed “Cap & Trade” legislation is designed to cripple American productivity and transfer wealth to the less wealthy countries in the world, where you can still hire a child laborer for a quarter a day and all the powdered milk Sally Struthers will give them. Any legislation or regulations, in America, to limit carbon output will not change anything, other than where the global wealth is located, as all the large carbon producing nations will keep on pumping out products and growing industry, while America lags behind. The announcement of new EPA regulations that will close power plants, cost jobs and eliminate eight percent of the power production in America (Which will be the equivalent of Mississippi and Florida going without power) are just more tyranny, leading to more rolling brown outs or black outs. Picture the American family, living in a three bedroom, two bath hut, because to heat the home and cook, they have vented the roof and built a fire in the family room. Welcome to “Hope and Change” in America.

B. Hussein Obama is working hard to complete the fundamental transformation of America. Chairman Maobama is establishing himself, through the use of Executive Orders and government regulations, as the exalted, supreme ruler of the soon to be Peoples Republic of America. The only thing that has kept him from establishing a complete Marxist regime and turning America into a third world country is the armed populace. It is imperative that the citizenry of America refuse to part with their guns, until they are pried from their cold, dead hands. In the interim, resist tyranny at every step.

Bill Turner

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