Johnson Versus the RINOs – Tea Party Nation


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Johnson Versus the RINOs – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on December 12, 2011

A major Republican battle is set for tomorrow.  It is a battle between conservatives and RINOs.   It is a very important battle that may decide the future of the Republican Party and it is one not many people have heard about.

 What is it?

 It is the election for the Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conferece.

 Many people may read that last sentence and go, “What?”  After that build up, it is almost a let down.

 The fight over that spot in the leadership may sound very boring, but the truth is, it is very important.

 That position is the lowest position in the Senate leadership for the Republicans.  This Vice Chairmanship came open when Lamar Alexander, who held the number three spot in the Senate leadership, decided to not seek reelection.  The number four and five leaders each moved up and opened up this spot.

 Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is one of the really good guys in the Senate.  He is a Tea Party Conservative with a really good voting record that matches his ideals.   After Alexander announced his decision not to run and the others moved up, Johnson announced he was going to run. 

 Most observers expected the election to be held in January.  Then Senator Roy Blount, a RINO got involved in the race.  With the tacit support of the Crown Prince of the RINOs, Mitch McConnell, the race was suddenly moved to December. 


 It was clear to McConnell that if the election were held in January, Johnson would win.  McConnell is a RINO who does not want conservatives in the leadership. 

 We need to act. 

 We can keep complaining that we don’t like the RINOs in the Republican Party calling all of the shots or we can do something about it. 

 Let’s do something about it.

 If you have Republican Senators, you need to call them today and tell them to vote for Ron Johnson in the race for the Vice Chairmanship for the Senate Republican Conference.

 The vote will be held tomorrow, December 13th, so we need to call today.  Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard and ask for your Senator’s office.  The number is 202-224-3121. 

 Call your Senator’s local office as well.   Often those are easier to get through to and trust me, if they suddenly get a wave of calls at the local office, the Washington office is informed immediately.

 Remember these calls go only to Republican Senators.  If you happen to be in California, well you are out of luck on a number of fronts. 

 You can also call Mitch McConnell’s office.  His number is 202-224-2541.  Tell his office that we the people who put the GOP back on the map want conservative leadership and we want him to back Ron Johnson.

 It is time for us to quit complaining about RINOs in the leadership of the Republican Party and do something to put them on the endangered species list.

 Call today and keep calling!


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