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The Mental Recession: Breaking: Democrats Preyed On Immigrants In Ballot Fraud Scandal:


…noted this vote fraud scandal in upstate New York as reported in the Times Union, presumably of Troy, New York:


Witnesses, promises, then signatures:


TROY — Testimony from voters in the city ballot-fraud case revealed the tactics politicians and political operatives used and the promises they made to allegedly convince residents to sign over their voting privileges.

Several voters approached by operatives in the months before the 2009 Working Families Party primary for City Council testified Wednesday that to get their signatures, officials promised to end crime in their neighborhood or build a park for kids.

They said they were told a new city policy was being implemented to make it easier for people to vote and all they had to do was sign a piece of paper.

Testimony also…

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  1. Alan Sexton says:

    The ongoing arrogance of these progs is beyond compare. The bad news, they’re still trying. The good news, increasingly, they’re being caught. Now, to be sure they’re punished to the full extent of the law.

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