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Obama truly suffers from “Groundhog Day” syndrome. Remember the Bill Murray movie where his character kept waking up and reliving the same day over-and-over again? This sums up Obama’s presidency in a nutshell.

Each year Obama calls for more spending and uses accounting gimmicks to cover the true costs of his budget. In other words, Obama is doing what Obama has done for three years.

From WaPo:

President Obama will send Congress a 2013 spending plan that would raise taxes on the rich and pump nearly $500 billion into new transportation projects over the next decade, launching an election-year debate over the budget that promises starkly different visions for managing government debt and the sluggish economy.

As they prepare to face voters in November, neither the president nor congressional Republicans are expected to roll out many new or potentially painful prescriptions for slowing the rise of the $15 trillion…

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