The death rattle of Democracy – Tea Party Nation

The death rattle of Democracy – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Watching a Democracy die is not a pleasant experience.  The only thing worse is watching one die and having most people not even realize a Democracy just died.

 Which Democracy died?

 Greece, of course.

 Greece is a cautionary tale for America and every other nation in the world.  Perhaps the question we have to ask, is Greece even a nation any more?

 The obvious reaction to that question is, of course it is.  The Greek flag still flies.  There are Greek borders.  The Greek government and Parliament are still there.

 All true.

 But for all intents and purposes, Greece is now a state in receivership. 

 The defining characteristic of a nation state is sovereignty.  The people of the nation state, through their government make the decisions for that state. 

 Greece has lost that.

 Greece has been on a program of unrestrained spending and borrowing for years.  Now the debt has come due.  The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have dictated to Greece what Greece must do to receive a bail out.  In theory Greece had a choice, but it is about the same choice someone has when a loan shark shows up and says pay up or I’ll break your legs.

 The Greek Parliament approved the EU/IMF ordered austerity measures while Greeks rioted in the streets.   The demands from the EU and IMF included radical cuts in social spending, minimum wage, government jobs and pensions. 

 Truthfully, these changes should have been made years ago.   These changes are necessary if Greece as a nation is to survive.  Greece is the poster child for Obamanomics.  The Greeks practiced Obamanomics while Obama was still voting “present” in the Illinois legislature.

 The problem for Greece is that now the real power of the Greek state is no longer in Athens.  The people now calling the shots are the European bankers in Brussels. 

 If you believe in grand conspiracies, Greece is the dry run for what will happen to America when Obama’s economic collapse finally comes about.  If you do not believe in conspiracies, you can see America’s future in the streets of Athens.

 America is going down the road that Greece has already gone down.  We fund the IMF.  If the European Union is hesitant to bailout a tiny economy like the Greek economy, does anyone really think they will help America if America ends up like Greece?  

 To put this in perspective, as of 2010, Greece’s GDP was about the same as the GDP of Dallas-Ft. Worth

 The sum of all the goods and services produced by Greece was about the same as the sum of all the goods and services produced by the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

 Watching the Greek tragedy brings up two very important questions.  If we do not stop Obama and his axis of fiscal evil, who is going to bail out America and even if we can find someone who can bail America out, what conditions will they impose?

 Greeks seem more concerned about their own personal budgets being cut.  Takers not makers dominate the Greek economy.   What should scare them is they are no longer a free nation.  The Greek nation is now controlled, not by their politicians but by the EU and the IMF. 

 How will Americans react to being ordered to change our lives in order to receive a bailout from Europe or China?

 If we do not change our policies, this is exactly what will happen. 

 Does anyone want to see what happens with that nightmare scenario?

 I don’t.

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