Never Apologize – Tea Party Nation

Never Apologize – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

“Never apologize.  It is a sign of weakness.”  Captain Nathan Bittle spoke those famous words.  Bittle was actually John Wayne in the 1949 movie “She wore a yellow ribbon.”

 Someone else today might be thinking about John Wayne’s wisdom today.

 Who might that be?

 It would be Rush Limbaugh

 Yesterday he apologized over the faux Sandra Fluke controversy.   The left is now looking at it as a sign of weakness, even to the point of one leftist trying to get the FCC to force Limbaugh off the air. 

 The Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments only stops the government from doing those things.  If there were a complete ban, there would never be another Maureen Dowd column.

 I misread a tweet earlier today and thought that she had come to Rush Limbaugh’s defense, so I read her column.  We are all attracted to freaks of nature, which explains why anyone reads her column.   Her column was not a defense of Rush, but more of her typical rantings.

 The difference between Maureen Dowd and someone in a persistent vegetative state is that the person in the persistent vegetative state has some glimmer of hope for future brain activity.

 Dowd whines about what Limbaugh has said about her, yet with the same breath calls him variations of the same thing that Limbaugh called Sandra Flake. 

 Flake’s ‘testimony’ was the most bizarre exercise in left wing feminist victimization creative writing that we have seen in a long time.  Flake is allegedly a law student whose testimony was full of unattributed hearsay.  The Rules of Evidence for court exist to limit testimony to evidence that can be considered reliable.    Congress has no rule like that because if they did, Democrats would never be able to offer another witness to testify.  The good news is we would never have to endure another brain-dead celebrity prattling on about some subject they obviously know nothing about.

 Most congressional testimony is under oath.  Fortunately for most Democrat witnesses, the only people who get prosecuted for perjury to Congress now are former major league baseball stars. 

 Fluke’s ‘testimony’ was better suited for a creative writing contest.  Her tome included a veritable cast of characters, all from the mind of a politically correct feminazi.  She had a lesbian, a rape victim and a poor heterosexual married woman.  Her diversity character generator was working overtime.  The only one she seems to have missed would have been a quadriplegic Hispanic transvestite who was a victim of domestic abuse. 

 The left is going nuts with Limbaugh’s apology.   They believe they can now force him from the air.   Ultimately this is the truth of liberalism.  They cannot stand a dissenting voice.  No one may dare disagree with them.

 Rush Limbaugh succeeded because he offered ideas and people wanted to hear him.  Maureen Dowd succeeded by…. well actually she has not succeeded.  Who in the hell cares what she has to say?

 No one. 

 If Twitter is any guide to go by, the sponsors who dropped Rush Limbaugh are going to regret it because his supporters are already making notes and planning to no longer use those services.  Carbonite may be the first and most prominent advertiser to lose for dumping Rush Limbaugh.

 Meanwhile, I’m calling a lawyer friend of mine to see if I can sue the New York Times for violating my rights against cruel and unusual punishments by inflicting Maureen Dowd on the nation.

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