With friends like his – Tea Party Nation

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the Values Voters conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With friends like his – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Everyone one of us heard the same expression from our parents when we were growing up.  People will judge you by your friends and the company you keep.  You can tell a lot about someone by the people they choose as friends, mentors and collaborators.

 There is someone we should definitely judge by the company he has kept.

 Who is it?

 Mitt Romney

 In April 2006, Mitt Romney signed what we now call “Obamneycare” into law.   As he did, Romney heaped praise on Ted Kennedy.  He called Kennedy, “My collaborator and my friend.”

 Romney went to Kennedy to make it possible to pass Obamneycare.  The myth the Romney campaign wants us to believe is that this was just passed by the Democratic majority in the Massachusetts legislature.    Romney was knee deep in getting this bill passed.

 According to the New York Times, which did a fascinating piece on the history of the Kennedy Romney relationship and how they worked together to give Massachusetts Obamneycare, Romney had no hope of passing his massive socialist healthcare program with the Democrats in total control of the State legislature.  So Kennedy went behind the scenes to lobby legislators and push negotiations along. 

 As the bill went to crunch time, Romney went so far as to show up at the homes of the Senate leader and the Speaker of the House to lobby for its passage. 

 In April of 2006, when the bill was passed Romney, with a glowing Ted Kennedy standing near him, signed the bill into law Romney had already announced he was not running for reelection. 

 If Romney was not running, why did he sign the bill?

 Romney wants everyone to believe he mostly a passive observer and had little to do with this bill.

 The truth is far different.   Mitt Romney created this bill and got Ted Kennedy to support it.

 When Mitt Romney says he is a conservative, his track record belies that claim.  He is the moving force behind Obamneycare.  If he had not pushed it, Obamneycare never would have happened.  He got Ted Kennedy to help him.


 The answer is, Kennedy and Romney may not have been friends, but they saw eye to eye on a lot of issues, including big government socialism. 

 Kennedy’s long time goal was a single payer socialist system.  So was Romney’s. 

 In 1994, Romney ran to the left of Ted Kennedy.  We keep getting the lame excuses from his campaign that this is what he had to do in Massachusetts.   

 Someone’s past behavior is the best guide to what they really believe and who the really are.

 Romney’s behavior says it all.  He is a liberal and if the Republicans nominate him, we simply have the choice between an anti-American Marxist and a far left, Ted Kennedy liberal.

 What a choice.

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