When will it end? – Tea Party Nation


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When will it end? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Just in case you missed it, as of two days ago, our national debt climbed to

$15,574,371,000,000.    We will hit the debt ceiling later this year when our debt will climb to $16,394,000,000,000. 

 If your eyes are not glazing over at the thought of those numbers, they should. 

 Things are only getting worse under the Obama Regime.  If things continue the way they are going, the interest on our national debt will exceed defense spending by 2019.  If Obama has his way it will actually be sooner because he will continue to borrow more money and cut our defense budget to the point where America is not only not a superpower but may be incapable of defending ourselves against even second rate powers.

 While the Obama Regime continues to cook the books on the unemployment figures, claiming the unemployment rate is down to 8.2 percent, the truth his we have 88 million people not in the labor force.  This is a figure we have not seen since the first great depression.  Now, with the Great Obama Depression, more and more people are not simply jobless.  They are totally out of the labor market.

 Back in the 90’s, when Bill Clinton needed to get himself reelected, he came up with a great idea to make the economy look much better than it really was.  The government would modify the unemployment figures to exclude the underemployed and what economists refer to as the discouraged worker.  The discouraged worker is someone who has left the workforce because they have given up.  They no longer believe they can get a job so they look for alternatives, such as welfare or disability. 

 If you calculated the real unemployment rate, including those who are underemployed and those who are “discouraged workers” the real unemployment rate would be close to 20%.

 Obama is desperate to cook the books to try and get those unemployment numbers down so the undecided will think he is doing something to help the economy and a recovery is on the horizon.

 The truth is we can forget about a recovery until the Republican Party gets serious about being the Party of Reagan and standing for conservative values.    We have two Republican leaders in Washington.  Mitch McConnell looks like a card-carrying member of the new castrati and John Boehner looks like he is having a perpetual nicotine fit.

 If we do not have Republicans in Washington who will stand up and try to stop this insanity, our future will look like Greece’s.   While this is what Obama and the Party of Treason want, we can hope the GOP does not want this.

The question we need to ask every Republican who is either in the House or Senate or who is running for the House or Senate, when is Congress going to stop spending money like drunken Democrats?  When are Republicans actually going to start acting like real Americans and not Democrat lite? 

 We need to demand they stop spending like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow is coming very soon.


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