Your tax dollars not at work. – Tea Party Nation

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Photo credit: xomiele)

Your tax dollars not at work. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

This is just wrong on so many levels.

 As Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden gets Secret Service protection.  So do a number of other people. 

 Joe Biden is actually charging the Secret Service for the privilege of protecting him.

 I kid you not.

 From The White House Dossier:

 Vice President Joe Biden last year earned $20,900 in rental income from the Secret Service, which is paying him to host agents on his property so they can protect him.

Most high-profile people in need of protection pay people to keep them safe. Government officials are allowed to have taxpayers pick up the tab. Biden is unique in that he actually gets paid by his bodyguards for the right to protect him.

 Biden’s tax records list rental income of $20,900 from a “cottage” on is property, which is reportedly being leased by the Secret Service and paid for at a rate that could earn him even more money next year.

 Biden took deductions for mortgage interest and taxes that allowed him to report only $12,653 of the amount on his federal tax return.

 Of course, the Bidens badly need the money. They only had an adjusted gross income of $379,035 last year. This probably also explains why they gave less than 1.5 percent of their income to charity.

 Of course, Biden was not the genius that came up with this scheme.  Everyone should realize that.  Biden is not bright enough.

 This scheme was pioneered by none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In 2000, when the Clintons left the White House and moved her to New York so she could be a Senator, they wanted to find a way to pay their house note, which ran about $12,000 a month.

 As a former President and First Lady, they were entitled to lifetime protection from the Secret Service.  So they answer came to them.

 The Clintons had a small building on their property; so they charged rent to the Secret Service of, wait you guessed it.  $12000 a month. 

 Of course, Joe Biden is a financial idiot.  After all of his years in government service, his net worth is estimated to be somewhere between -$209,000 and $734,000.

 This guy has been in government for 40 years drawing a fairly significant salary.  He has virtually nothing to show for it.  His wife has been a college teacher for thirty years and she has nothing to show for it. 

 Even Barack Obama figured the game out quickly and with only a few years in government service, he is a multimillionaire.

 The fact that Joe Biden has had anything to do with the financial state of this nation is not only terrifying; it explains why we are in such a hole.

 And if you ever want proof Barack Obama was worried he might be declared ineligible to be president, look no further than Joe Biden. 

 It should give every American nightmares to think this clown is only one heartbeat from the Oval Office.


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