Why didn’t this guy win? – Tea Party Nation

Newt Gingrich speaking to voters at Des Moines...

Newt Gingrich speaking to voters at Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why didn’t this guy win? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Newt Gingrich is still out there, still working.  Every time he comes up with a great idea, we should all be asking ourselves, “How the hell did we have a candidate this good and end up with someone like Romney as the nominee?”

 Newt Gingrich went to the NRA and dropped a bomb.

 He said that if he were President he would offer an amendment to the UN Charter that would make the right to keep and bear arms a universal human right.


 Gingrich points out that if that were in fact an enforceable right, there would be a lot fewer people killed by dictatorships, fewer women raped and fewer dictators surviving.

 Mitt Romney went to the NRA and offered a generic offer of support for the Second Amendment.  Of course, in years earlier Romney had supported the Assault Weapons ban and other gun control measures.  But Captain Etch A Sketch is saying what ever he has to in order to get the nomination.

 Newt Gingrich understands liberty, which is the most frustrating part about the traction his campaign has not gotten.  Newt points out that our rights come from God, not from man.  Ergo man is not allowed to take them.

 Newt is a man for whom words like Freedom and Liberty are not simply talking points or the punch line for a speech.

 As soon as the nomination is officially his, Romney will tack away from the right.  He is not a conservative and he believes the people who tell him he must move to the middle.

 We will watch with dismay as he does that and if he does get elected, we will watch in disappointment as the conservative ideals he claimed he championed during the primary season are forgotten.

 And many of us will be asking why the GOP did not put Newt Gingrich in the White House.


One Response to Why didn’t this guy win? – Tea Party Nation

  1. apatir says:

    So, I have a small question about Gingrich’s new idea:

    In Israel, where I come from, the right to bear arms is not recognized. Israelis just don’t consider that a natural right. The way it works today is that one needs a license in order to keep a firearm legally, and a license is only granted to individuals who can demonstrate that they need one based on their line of work or place of residence.

    Now suppose that the UN adopts Newt’s idea, and Israel changes its laws to comply with the UN charter. Specifically, that would mean that all citizens of Israel should now be allowed to buy a gun. I guess that you can still prevent someone with a criminal record from buying a gun, but surely you couldn’t disqualify someone based on his ethnicity. So the 1.4 million Arab citizens of Israel would be able to arm themselves (that is 20% of Israel’s population, and does not include Palestinians residing in the West Bank and Gaza). Does someone really think that this is a smart idea?

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