Republican Stupidity of biblical proportions – Tea Party Nation

Tea Party rally to stop the 2010 health care r...

Tea Party rally to stop the 2010 health care reform bill in St. Paul, Minnesota The Tea Party people held a rally calling for the health care reform bill currently being considered in congress to be stopped. Republican U.S. representative Michele Bachmann was the guest speaker. The crowd was filled with signs and stickers for Bachmann and other Republican candidates. Signs read: Abort healthcare Abort Obama Save Our Country Republicans Weed Out Your Progressives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican Stupidity of biblical proportions – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Obamacare is dead.  Or it will be when the Supremes finally administer the coup de grace.   So what comes after Obamacare?

 Would you believe Boehnercare? 

What is it?

 It is the plan that is now circulating for when the Supremes strike down Obamacare.    The Republicans want to take the “popular” aspects of Obamacare and make them Boehnercare. 

 Is brain death a prerequisite for becoming a leader in the Republican Party

 Mr. Boehner, if Obamacare is unconstitutional, what the hell makes you think your version of it will be?

 The Republicans want to bribe the voters with the so-called popular provisions, such as allowing your kids to live in your basement and stay on your insurance until they are 26 or the coverage of preexisting conditions.

 Allegedly they want to keep healthcare affordable. 

 If you want to make healthcare affordable, there is one foolproof system that will work every time.  It is called the free market

 It works.

 Not only does it work, we have proof.  If you need to see the free market at work, look at vision correction, AKA Lasik

 When Lasik first appeared on the scene, treatments cost $10,000.  Today it is $199 an eye and the doctor will finance it for you.


 It is simple.  Health insurance does not cover Lasik.   Health insurance distorts and destroys the free market.  Healthcare consumers neither know nor care what the costs of healthcare are.  All they know is what their copay and deductable are.  That is it.

 The Republicans in Washington are talking about using government to try and keep healthcare costs down.  If you are not terrified of that, you should be.

 Washington’s competence ends at the level of managing a two-moon outhouse. 

 If Boehner and company pander this way, all we will be getting is Obamacare lite.  Government is never the solution.  It is the problem. 

 All this proves is that Boehner and company are big government Republicans.  There is no commitment on their part to reduce the size of government.   We can’t even afford the level of government we currently have.

 Our debt exceeds that of all of Europe combined.  Debt is a far greater enemy than the lack of a government healthcare program. 

 When will the Republicans ever learn? 

 They have bought into the myth that we must make certain that everyone has health insurance.


 Health Insurance is what is making healthcare more expensive.  Healthcare is not the issue.  Making healthcare inexpensive so that the average American can pay out of their pocket.  The Republicans have fallen for it.  The debate should be how could we use the free market to make medical care affordable, more efficient and more cutting edge. 

 By buying into the left’s line that the issue is the number of uninsured, we have lost. 

 If the Republicans put parts of Obamacare back in, this time as Boehnercare, we will destroy the budget and we will set the platform for socialist healthcare in ten years. 

 It will just be easier for them next time.


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