Let’s start by cutting here – Tea Party Nation

Obama Cell Phone Charm

Obama Cell Phone Charm (Photo credit: BeInspiredDesigns)

Let’s start by cutting here – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Let’s start by cutting here.

When does a program become so wasteful that the government will finally decide to eliminate it?

That is a good question. So far we have not met that threshold yet.

There is one program that could be eliminated and we could save a billion dollars. This is the lifeline phone. The lifeline program started out as a way to provide landlines for poor people. Agree or disagree with the program, at least it had a purpose. If you had an emergency and you were poor, the government would pay your phone bill so you could call 911.

This program has since expanded beyond all recognition now. Instead of land lines they are passing out cell phones. These are not the old clunky flip phones that are programed to call 911. These are modern, new smartphones. And people are not just getting one of these phones. They are going and getting 2,4 10 or even more.

And the government is giving them away to “the poor.”

Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin wants to eliminate the program completely and take it back to being just a landline program.

What is wrong with this picture?

Of course Griffin is opposed. Not only do you have all of the people who are receiving “Obama Phones” as they are sometimes known, you have the cellphone companies who are making money from the Federal Government because every time one of these phones is given away, they make money.

The real problem is an out of control government. Money is being spent and no one even knows where the money is going.

There is a bill that will deal not only with the Obama Phone issue but a lot of other bad government spending. HR2680, the Federal Realignment and Closure Commission bill is a great idea. Modeled off of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission that Bill Clinton used to cut defense spending so he could blow the “peace dividend,” this bill sets up a commission to go through federal spending to find examples of waste, fraud, duplication or programs that have simply failed or outlived their usefulness.

This commission would come up with recommendations for the Congress to vote either up or down on, without amendments.

This is a great idea. You can tell it is a great idea because it is languishing in committee and will probably never see the light of day.

Why the hell not?

This bill should be the centerpiece of the Republican campaign this summer. Why isn’t it. This is something the Republicans could really nail the Democrats on and do something good for the country.

So why isn’t this bill sailing through the House of Representatives?

Maybe someone should be asking John Boehner that question.


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