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Sen. Dick Lugar’s defeat in a Republican primary this week has not been attributed, as nearly as we can tell, to his 1979 trip to Moscow with Joe Biden. Then, the two members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee left the bosses of the Kremlin with the distinct impression that they cared about arms control and not so much about human rights. Claire Berlinsky’s article in the Spring 2010 issue of City Journal ought to be disqualifying. Nor, it seems, did the senator’s spearheading of the ill-advised START treaty with the Russians in a lame-duck session in December 2010 lead to his loss by a stunning 61% to 39% vote to a TEA Party-backed challenger.

Last week’s primary seems to have turned on Lugar’s 36-year tenure, the addition of some $13 Trillion in debt while he held his seat, most of that time as Indiana’s senior senator. As…

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