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I am tired of the Dems and the Republican establishment deciding what items are ‘off the table.’  A race-baiter like Sharpton can spew what ever vitriol he wants and never has to face any consequences.

Levin: Al Sharpton ‘an a-hole,’ should be fired for comparing GOP to Hitler

On his radio show on Tuesday night, Mark Levin led off with a scathing attack on MSNBC host Al Sharpton, for which he ultimately said it was time for him be let go for comments he made on his radio show last week.

According to Levin, conservative commentators are held to much stricter standards than Sharpton, who Levin said manages to get away with a lot more despite a questionable track record.

“There are lines,” he continued. “And the lines for conservative talkers are much tighter, much harsher than they are for the others. Al Sharpton is a disgrace, and yet everybody is…

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