Breaking News update: First Amendment repealed by Maryland Court – Tea Party Nation

Breaking News update: First Amendment repealed by Maryland Court – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Liberals do not like the First Amendment and a Judge in Maryland sent a blogger to jail yesterday for the horrible crime of blogging.

 Aaron Walker has been one of the bloggers leading the fight to expose far left activist Brett Kimberlin and his background as a convicted bomber.   Kimberlin has waged lawfare against Aaron Walker, using the legal system to badger, bully and try to send him to jail.

 Yesterday, Aaron went to court to answer an application for a Peace Order.  Maryland apparently calls its orders “Peace Orders.”  These orders have different names in different states.  Primarily they are given out as a part of domestic relations, but many states have expanded them to include other potential offenses such as stalking.

 Kimberlin claimed that Aaron threatened him by writing blogs and then claimed he was being contacted.  According to other bloggers who have written about this, the contact came in the form of Google alerts that notified Kimberlin every time someone had either blogged about him or posted on Aaron’s blog. 

 There were a lot of problems with this whole case.  First, Kimberlin got the kind of order that is issued ex parte.  In plain non-lawyer English, that means that he gets to go down and see a judge without giving notice to the other side and seek a restraining order

 Ex parte restraining orders of all varieties used to be fairly rare.   Now they are given out like candy at Halloween.   The ex parte restraining order system is the most abused facet of the American legal system.

 Aaron made a huge mistake going into court as he represented himself.  I do not know what Aaron’s area of expertise is, but there is a reason for the old adage the lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. 

 Based on all of the reports, it appears that Aaron became agitated and alienated the judge.   Lawyers should never represent themselves because it is personal.  I strongly suspect Kimberlin was able to egg Aaron on just a little and that pushed him too far.

 If Aaron is not a trial lawyer, then he made an even larger mistake.

 Regardless, Judge C.J. Vaughey is a moron. 

 Blogging, even blogging that is critical of someone is not a criminal act.  Though if Vaughey had his way it would be.  That is what Brett Kimberlin and some others want.  They want to make conservative blogging illegal.  They want to silence conservatives.

 Aaron left the courthouse yesterday in handcuffs.  It appears that two days prior to the hearing, Kimberlin went and obtained a warrant for failure to comply with the terms of the interim Peace Order. 

 In many jurisdictions, warrants have to be approved by a prosecutor before they are issued.  In Montgomery County, Maryland that does not appear to be the case.

 The good news is Aaron is getting an attorney to represent him on these charges and hopefully it is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer.

 This fight is not over.  Aaron should be able to appeal Judge Vaughey’s decision on the Peace Order.  He will have his day in court on the criminal charges.

 Meanwhile he does need help, as do the other bloggers who have been attacked by Brett Kimberlin.  You can help them by donating to the legal defense fund set up to help Aaron and others. 

 This is a fight we cannot back down from.  If we do we are forever silenced by those who despise freedom.  We cannot allow people like Brett Kimberlin to extinguish the lamp of liberty.  We must fight.


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