It is time for the UN to go – Tea Party Nation

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It is time for the UN to go – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Can someone please tell me what good the UN does?

 Can someone name me one benefit America receives from being not only the host to that band of thugs, dictators and malcontents, but footing far too much of the bill?

 Now, the UN is at it again.  This time it is the RIO conference.  While the diplomats are living it up, many on our tax dollars, they are coming out with an incredible list of demands.

 From Fox News:

 Three weeks before the U.N.-sponsored Rio + 20 summit conference on sustainable development, member countries that  the United States hoped would produce a five-page summary of goals are instead haggling over a mammoth  grab-bag of demands for new planetary regulation and assertions that  industrialized countries, led by the U.S., should  pay for, among other things, an unprecedented and massively expensive transfer of technology and funds to the developing world.

At one point, the text being debated by hundreds of negotiators climbed to 171 pages  before being cut back by executive fiat to 86 pages—only to start climbing steeply again.

The unwieldy document covers everything from sustainable food strategies to codes of corporate responsibility to technology transfers—on highly favorable terms—to developing countries. Copies of the document are not being made publicly available.

The emergency  bargaining session was intended as a last-ditch effort to bring some focus, energy and concision to the text after previous scheduled meetings led only to the current, bloated document.

“We were hoping it would inspire people, get them interested in the issues writ large,” a senior State Department official told Fox News. “ Right now, it’s just a long list of everybody’s projects, which is less valuable. “

The haggling over what will be said at the end of the three day Rio + 20 meeting, which starts on June 21 in Brazil, does not bode well for the summit, which U.N. organizers hope will  inaugurate not only a radical overhaul of the world economy but a new and still unspecified era of “global environmental governance.”

 Global governance?  What the hell are they passing out down there, crack for them to smoke?

 The UN is made up of such sterling members as Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Zimbabwe and Belarus.  Most of the members of the United Nations are dictatorship and we are even going to give them anything?

 Don’t even give them the time of day.

 The United Nations continues to be a very expensive joke on the United States.  If these third world countries want to be prosperous, they should do what we do.  They should have free markets, free elections and allow liberty and freedom.  Instead you have such distinguished nations as Egypt, which promotes female circumcision. 

 It would be nice if one of our politicians had the cojones to stand up and tell the UN to go pound sand.  Obama want because he wants us to become one of those socialist countries where liberty is on the endangered species list.  Romney isn’t any better on this front.  It would be nice to have just one major leader stand up and tell the United Nations to go to hell.  


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