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From The Blaze, shakedown artist Jesse Jackson has decided to turn his attention towards gun shops with his “Guns Out- Jobs In” campaign.

Audio of Reverend Jesse Jackson speaking in Racine, Wisconsin was posted on YouTube Monday, where the activist describes a march on gun shops throughout the country happening this summer.

While Jackson can be difficult to understand on a good day, the audio recorded from the crowd is even harder to comprehend at times.  However, the video does open with him saying “we going to be marching on gun shops.“ He also discusses the ”guns trail.” But the message is clearer after the crowd starts chanting with him.

“Guns out,” he says, “jobs in,” with the crowd repeating after him.

Jackson then proceeds to discuss an initiative happening in Chicago between July 10-14, though the details are difficult to make out, before saying: “June 16…

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