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The Deadly Dozen: Politics Above All

Another (C)CHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) funded network is ACORN, which generally takes 5-6% of the national (C)CHD annual budget. It’s one of the most flagrantly political among (C)CHD’s grantees, having formed a political party, the New Party, in a political alliance with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), among others.

There’s no secret about ACORN’s political activism. In 1999, Illinois ACORN president and Chicago New Party chair, Ted Thomas, became a Chicago alderman from the 15th ward.28 ACORN state chair in Arkansas, Jonnie Pugh, was recruited by the New Party in 1998 to run for city council in Little Rock. 29 And in New York, the Working Families Party, which is affiliated with the New Party, was co-chaired by NY ACORN president Bertha Lewis.30

The New Party is pro-abortion. It’s website links to such “friends” as the Abortion…

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