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Doesn’t this make you feel safe knowing we have the Obama administration promoting open borders through non-enforcement of our immigration laws (see backdoor amnesty), stopping deportation of illegal immigrants and suing states who want to protect US citizens?

Wilmington, North Carolina (CNN) — Less than a mile off a county road in Ivanhoe near the Black River, federal drug agents and local authorities found exactly what their informant had promised.

“We saw what looked like, as far as you could see, marijuana plants,” said Drug Enforcement Administration agent Michael Franklin.

There were about 2,400 in all, surrounded by a makeshift camp where the growers had illegally squatted on private property, setting up a generator and pump to tap the river for irrigation. The camp, which had been recently inhabited, contained a tarp shelter, canned fuel, drinking water, toiletries and old clothing, some of it camouflage.

Authorities staked out the…

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