Hey Joe Scarborough: You shut the hell up! – Tea Party Nation

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English: Crude drawing of the “No RINO” buttons used by American Republicans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey Joe Scarborough: You shut the hell up! – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Joe Scarborough is MSNBC’s pet Republican.  MSNBC seems to love him because he is one of those media Republicans who always wants to blast conservatives and side with the liberals.

 The not very bright Scarborough just jumped into it again.

 What did he do?

 Scarborough responded to criticism of one of the chief RINOs of the GOP, Jeb Bush.  Bush has been out whining that the Republican Party of today would reject Ronald Reagan.  Bush is doing his best to rewrite history to convince us that Reagan was really a squishy moderate, like… well like almost any member of the Bush family.

 Conservatives have been calling him out on this and invoking the truth to hurt him.  They are calling Jeb Bush a RINO, which is what he is.

 Joe Scarborough doesn’t like conservatives telling the truth and he went on a rant on his virtually unwatched morning show to complain about conservatives telling the truth about Jeb Bush.

 Since Scarborough had neither facts nor logic to support his opinion, he opted for the tried and true liberal method of proving his point.  He told everyone who disagrees with him to shut the hell up.

 Scarborough longs for the days with the Republican Party was simply liberal lite.  He longs for the days when the Tea Party did not exist and all idiots like Joe Scarborough had to do was go home, talk about being conservative and then go back to Washington and do what ever they wanted to do.

 I realize Joe Scarborough is not very bright, so I’ll type this slowly just on the chance he reads this.

 The Republican Party tried it your way.  The Republican Party did exactly what you and Jeb Bush wanted it to do. 

 What was the result?

 In 2006 and 2008, the voters put the Republican Party on the endangered species list.  

 Then along came the Tea Party.

 But for the Tea Party, the Republican Party would be dead today.

 In 2009 and 2010, there were no Joe Scarborough rallies.  There were no Jeb Bush rallies.  There were no RINO rallies or conventions.

 There were Tea Party rallies and conventions.

 Now here we go again.  The elitist, alleged Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Jeb Bush want the grass roots people who did the heavy lifting to go back, sit down and shut up and let the idiots who screwed things up to begin with run everything again.

 Not only no, but HELL NO!

 If anyone needs to shut up and go away, it is Jeb Bush and Joe Scarborough.

 Scarborough claims that his and Jeb Bush’s brand of the Republican Party is the future of America.  


 Facts are hard things and liberals really hate facts because they are always wrong.  Like all liberals, Scarborough is wrong.

 Unlike him, I have facts to support my claims. 

 There is a reason why Olympia Snowe is not running for reelection.   She realizes even in Maine, a RINO like her is doomed.  There is a reason why Richard Lugar has been voted out of office.   There is a reason why a RINO supported by the establishment could not beat a Tea Party candidate in Texas.  There is a reason why Orrin Hatch is trying to claim he is a conservative.  There is a reason why Marco Rubio and not Charlie Crist is the Senator from Florida.  There is a reason why the 2010 class of freshmen Republican congressmen are called the Tea Party class, not the RINO class.

 There is also a reason why Fox News crushes Scarborough’s show.

 No one really cares what that goofy, weird RINO has to say.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Busy Post and commented:
    This should be the Tea Party motto:
    “Not only no, but HELL NO!”

  2. bunkerville says:

    This is what happens when one wanders off the reservation and winds up over at MSNBC! Been there, done that!! But it was fun watching the Wisconsin election over there

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