A tale of two scandals. – Tea Party Nation


A tale of two scandals. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Scandals are nothing new to Washington.  In fact, the City lives on scandal.  Something is wrong if another local DC politician is not indicted every few months.   Then there are the annual big scandals that come from the Federal Government.

 There are two scandals worth looking at.  One is the granddaddy of all scandals and one is unfolding right before our eyes.

 There are some huge lessons to be learned from what is happening and what happened forty years ago.

 In the long hot summer of 1972, the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Building was broken into.  The reasons for the break in remain vague and really unanswered.

 The results are well known.   While Richard Nixon may not have known initially what was going on, he certainly wanted to cover it up.   His cover up slowly came unraveled.  Despite the fact he crushed George McGovern in November 1972, by 1973, Watergate became a household word.

 Republicans though willing to defend Nixon initially, began to ask questions.  Many Republican would not blindly sit by and let Nixon continue his cover up.  Elliot Richardson, the Attorney General and his deputy Attorney General resigned rather than fire independent prosecutor Archibald Cox.   Nixon wanted to fire Cox because Cox would not bury the investigation.

 As House and Senate Committees lined up to investigate Watergate, the Republicans asked as many hard questions as the Democrats did.  It was Tennessee Republican Howard Baker who asked the famous question, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

 By the summer of 1974, the Nixon Presidency was collapsing.  In early August, Republicans went to the White House and informed Nixon that there were enough votes to impeach and remove him from Office.  While the Democrats were anxious to do so, there were many Republicans who realized Nixon had violated the law and would vote to remove him.

 Now, forty years after what has been called “a third rate burglary,” what could be the largest Presidential scandal since Watergate is unfolding before our eyes.  Interestingly enough some of the legal issues are the same, including the executive privilege claim that Richard Nixon pioneered.

 But there is one huge difference.

 Unlike years earlier, where Republicans broke ranks with their President to find out what the President knew and when he knew it, Democrats are standing firm to try and make sure the American people never know what did the Attorney General know, when did he know about it and did he lie to Congress?

 Yesterday, after repeated subpoenas and demands, the House oversight committee, on a straight party line vote, voted to ask the full House to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress. 

 The Democrats are screaming about this.

 There is no doubt that Fast and Furious is a real scandal.   One American Border Patrol agent is dead because of it.  Potentially hundreds of Mexicans are dead because of this.

 The plan to allow guns into Mexico, which many believe was done so the Obama Regime could make an attack on our Second Amendment Rights, was possibly criminal to begin with.

 It is bad enough that people at the highest levels of the Justice Department not only knew about this botched operation but also have worked to at best mislead and stonewall Congress and at worst lie to Congress. But as Watergate taught us so many years ago, it is not the initial incident that is so bad.  It is the cover up that always gets you.

 What is also very disturbing is the underlying story here.  Fast and Furious would never have been investigated by Congress if the Democrats were still in charge.  Both Nancy Pelosi, if she were the Speaker and Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee have dismissed Fast and Furious as a scandal.   Two days ago, he said Eric Holder acted honorably. 

 The painful truth is that we now have a major political party in Washington that will do anything, say anything, bury any scandal, just so it can hold on to power.  Gone are the days when Democrats would step up for the truth for the greater good of America.

 Gone are the days when Democrats could put aside partisan bickering in the best interest of the nation.

 Gone are the days when Democrats loved this nation and could be counted on to be patriotic.

 Today, Barack Obama and Eric Holder are both symbols of the new Party of Treason.

 This is a party that must be defeated decisively while we still have the freedom left to beat them.


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