……….I’ll tell you something else Obama’s gonna want people to be distracted from. It is becoming apparent as we go through his book and read David Maraniss‘ book about his book, that this guy’s a fraud. That he’s literally made up his life story.

that book, this biography of Obama’s is all about these epiphanies on the road to racial understanding and self-realization and all that gobbledygook left-wing garbage. And at every one of these moments where Obama, as a young child, as a young man, as a growing adult, realizes that reality strikes him and his life is filled with greater understanding, and he moves forward and matures, every one of those events is fraudulent, made up.

There’s even a headline, I think it’s Investor’s Business Daily, asking “Is Obama a Pathological Liar?” So he’s gonna want people distracted from that. He’s gonna want people distracted…

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