The left’s war on fiscal sanity. – Tea Party Nation

The left’s war on fiscal sanity. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

When it comes to liberals, there is no middle ground.  They do not simply have a policy disagreement on what we do with our money.   They are in active warfare against anyone who offers even a breath of sanity.

 The left has now picked out a new target in its war on fiscal sanity.

 What is it?

 Who and what would be a better question. 

 The who is Grover Norquist.

 The what is his no new taxes pledge.

 Norquist heads Americans for Tax Reform.  His pledge has been around since the eighties. It is a simple pledge that says the signer agrees not to raise taxes and not to close loopholes in the tax code unless there are offsetting spending cuts.

 What could be wrong with that?

 The left is obsessed with raising everyone’s taxes.  Recently in France, a leftwing party proposed a 100% tax rate above a certain income.  

 The left is in love with taxes and raising taxes.  It is almost an insane compulsion with them. 

 We saw the first shots in this war in the Republican debates last year.  The question was asked of Republicans, would agree to tax increases if they were a part of a package that included spending cuts?  The question was asked repeatedly of the Republicans.  Would you agree to a package that included tax increases if 90% of the package were spending cuts?

 The Republicans all wisely took a pass on that proposal.  

 Grover Norquist has been promoting his tax pledge for twenty-five years.  Democrats see it as the major stumbling block keeping many squishy Republicans from agreeing to tax hikes. 

 They have tried to get him to release Republicans from the pledge and the Democrats have been trying to demonize him for the pledge.

 Ben Nelson of the infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” attacked the pledge yesterday.  Nelson, one of the most worthless members of the United States Senate in the nation’s history, called the pledge a trap for higher deficits.  We all know Nelson’s IQ floats in the negative range but perhaps even a dim bulb such has him could figure out that if you spend more than you bring in, you will have deficits.

 The left has launched and all out, coordinated media war against the pledge.  They hope they can pressure squishy Republicans into abandoning the pledge.

 Democrats want Republicans to abandon the pledge and for good reason.  The last time a Republican abandoned a no new taxes pledge, it was George H.W. Bush and we know how that one ended. 

 Americans should demand that their Congressmen and Senators abide by the no new taxes pledge even if they have not signed it.


 It is simple.  Look at the track record of Washington.  The politicians in Washington cannot control themselves.  They are worse than the real housewives of Beverly Hills.  They spend, spend and spend.  It does not matter to them because they do not have to pay for it.

 If we have the great package many in the left want us to have, the result will be taxes will be raised and spending will not be cut.   Last year, despite the clear will of the people that spending be cut, spending actually went up by 3%.

 Our government is out of control.   We have leaders who lack the courage to do what must be done, namely cutting spending and bringing government back to the limited function our founding fathers envisioned. 

 New taxes will only make a bad problem worse.  Spending is the issue.   Our elected officials are the problem.


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