The coming tsunami – Tea Party Nation

The coming tsunami – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

There is a tsunami coming.  In nature tsunamis are hard to spot.  They cover great distances as only a swell before coming ashore as a raging wall of water destroying everything in their path.

 There is a political tsunami coming.   The people in the path of the tsunami act like they do not even know it is coming.  The signs are there.

 Who is in front of this tsunami and who will be the victims of it?

 The Republican Party sits squarely in front of this tsunami and it acts like it has no clue that it is coming.

 Eric Erickson over at Redstate put out a blog today.  The title was “Maybe we really do need a third party.”

 Erickson states the obvious.  Republicans claim to be the party of conservatism.  Yet, when they get to Washington they act just the opposite. 

 Congressman John Mica is a great example.   Despite his claims of being a conservative, he just sponsored and guided a budget busting transportation bill through the Congress.  Then yesterday he flew to Washington so he could be there when his favorite Democrat, Barack Obama signed this budget-busting bill into law. 

 If the Republican Party is going to claim to be a party of conservatives, could we perhaps see some evidence of this? 

 I realize when the Party of Treason controls the White House and the Senate, there are limits on what can be done, but there are some things that can be done. 

 That is, they can be done if someone tries. 

 There are some very good elected Republicans.  There are some really good conservatives who are in office.    Unfortunately the Republican Party is dominated by big government statists.    These people like to come home and tell us how conservative they are yet when they go back to Washington, they spend money like Democrats. 

 Mitt Romney is the best example of this.

 Has anyone looked at his “Day One” plan on his website?    He might as well subtitle it, “we don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.” 

 First, he says he is going to use executive orders to kill Obamacare.   Earth to Mitt Romney!  Have you never read the Constitution?  What you propose is as bad as Obama.  Obamacare has been passed and is a law.  Congress must repeal it!    To say this will be done by executive order is simply continuing the expansion of the power of the President in explicit contravention of the Constitution. 

 Along with his executive orders to “replace” Obamacare, Mitt wants Federal Tort Reform.  Hello Mitt, may I introduce you to the 7th and 10th Amendments. 

 Tort law and the regulation of licensed professions has always been the domain of the states not the Federal Government.   If the Federal Government is going to over rule the tort laws of all 50 states, what else can they do?  If they can do this, states are little more than lines on a map.

 Texas tried what Romney proposes.  What was the result?  There were no savings.  However there was one really big change.  If a doctor injures you, you are simply out of luck.  Lawyers in Texas will not take those type cases anymore.    If the Doctor does something stupid like amputating the wrong leg or operating on the wrong organ, that is your problem.  You can forget about being compensated for your injury or your day in court.

 This is the problem with Republicans.  They started the 2011 Congress with a reading of the Constitution.  They promptly forgot all that they read.   They ran in 2010 talking about how conservative they were.   They talked about how they were going to fight Obama and fight to repeal Obamacare.   They forgot about that too. 

 Conservatives are going to stay with the Republicans through 2012.  We really have no choice.  But there is a massive wave of dissatisfaction with the GOP.  Conservatives want a conservative party.  If the GOP does not want to be that party, fine.  A lot of us are tired of fighting the establishment over this.

 Conservatives do the heavy lifting.  We carry the signs, work the campaign offices, watch the polls and we are the boots on the ground for the GOP. 

 We are tired of being ignored. 

 If the GOP does not pay attention, Mitt Romney may have something in common with Millard Fillmore

 Millard was the last President his party elected too.

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