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Government-run, socialized medicine has failed in every country that it’s been implemented in. The UK is now going back and asking doctors to take over. Canadians have been crossing the border for years seeking the health care they need without suffering the long wait time. This is the face of ObamaCare.

From DC:

A Canadian study released Wednesday found that many provinces in our neighbor to the north have seen patients fleeing the country and opting for medical treatment in the United States.

The nonpartisan Fraser Institute reported that 46,159 Canadians sought medical treatment outside of Canada in 2011, as wait times increased 104 percent — more than double — compared with statistics from 1993.

Specialist physicians surveyed across 12 specialties and 10 provinces reported an average total wait time of 19 weeks between the time a general practitioner refers a patient and the time a specialist provides elective…

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