Obama the Dictator – Tea Party Nation

Obama the Dictator – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

One of the favorite terms that is thrown around by conservatives to describe Barack Obama is the word “Dictator.”

 Is this just more hyperbole or is there a good case of truth in naming here?

 Obama is scrapping our Constitution, moving towards a type of government our forefathers not only loathed but also warned us against.  This is a government with a strong, central chief executive.

 Obama’s blatant disregard of the law made another appearance this week as Obama decided he did not like the Welfare Reforms that were signed into law in the 1990’s. 

 These reforms were very successful in getting people off of the welfare rolls and getting them back to work.

  Obama did not like this so what does he do?  He did what he always does.  He ignores the law. 

 Prior to the 1990s, welfare was easy and expansive.  People could live endlessly on welfare and make no attempt to get off of it.  The Welfare reforms on the 1990’s required that welfare recipients work.

 Now, the Department of Health and Human Services has notified the states that if they want a waiver from the work requirement, all they have to do is ask.

 Wham!  Just like that a law enacted by Congress and signed by another President is set aside.  Yes, it remains on the books, but it is effectively gone. 

 In dictatorships, Dictators make decisions and rule by decree.  In a Republic, the legislature makes laws and the executive simply carries them out. 

 Not in the world of Obamaland.  Now, in the People’s Republic of Obama, the Constitution no longer matters.   If Obama does not want his top people to be confirmed by the Senate, he simply declares them Czars and puts them into positions without bothering to send them to the Senate for confirmation.  He does not like the Defense of Marriage Act, he declares it unconstitutional and says he will not defend it from legal challenges.

 Obama’s favorite mantra when he speaks to his adoring faithful is, “we can’t wait.”  That’s his excuse.  The legislative branch has the good sense to stop his stupid ideas.  He does not like it so instead of compromising, he simply imposes by fiat.

 Anyone remember when the Republicans went to the White House in 2009 and complained about Obama’s agenda?  He simply announced, “I won.”

  That is Obama.  I won therefore I can do what I want.  

 In the last 70 years, almost all Presidents have tried to expand the power of the Presidency.  Obama is not simply trying to expand the powers of the Presidency.  He is trying to make it, not one of three coequal branches of government, but the dominant branch of government to which all must bow down before. 

 Barack Obama is the most dangerous man ever to have stepped into the Oval Office.   If the GOP goes ahead and nominates Romney we will have a Republican candidate who will probably not expand the powers that Obama assumed but also will do nothing to roll them back to their Constitutional limits either.

 For those of us who are baby boomers, we grew up in the greatest, freest nation this world has ever known.    Now it is our freedom that may soon be on the endangered species list.

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