The arrogance of a man who has built nothing – Tea Party Nation

The arrogance of a man who has built nothing – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

To call Barack Obama arrogant is an understatement.  To call him clueless about the lives of real Americans is the absolute defense of truth. 

 To call his mouth the best friend conservatives may have this year, could be very true.  The arrogant man who has built nothing in his life has now shot off his mouth. 

 What did he say, why is the drive by media so interested in not covering this story and why must conservatives capitalize on it?

 Obama really shot his mouth off when he was speaking at Roanoke, Virginia on Friday.  He said: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”


 Obama’s argument is that if it were not for government, none of us would succeed.


 What the hell does Barack Obama know about building a business?

 What the hell does he know about building anything?

 The only thing Barack Obama has ever built is a joint. 

 Barack Obama is clueless to the American dream.  Perhaps that has something to do with the fact he is not a real American. 

 He does not understand the desire many real Americans have to create something that will last.  He does not understand that real Americans want to get ahead, making a business a success not only for themselves but also for their children.

 For Obama, everything begins and ends with big government.    Obama does not understand why we do not all want to work for the government.  He does not understand why we do not worship at the altar of big government.  He does not understand why real Americans do not like the government, do not want any more than the minimal amount of government we need to have an ordered society and he does not understand why Americans would sacrifice and fight to be free.

 For Obama, success is not something we earn on merit.  Here is a man who has never earned anything on merit.  Does anyone really believe he got into Columbia or Harvard on merits or his grades?  If you do, you must have been smoking one of Obama’s joints.

 Obama believes success is not something we can do on our own.  It is not that we need government to be successful; we need government’s permission to be successful. 

 That is what makes Obama and the Party of Treason so dangerous to America.  The fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not exist in Obamaland.  They are not rights.  They are grants from the government and the government can revoke them anytime and for any reason. 

 Obama will never consciously tell us what he really thinks.  But a lot of times, it simply slips out.  To him, small business is the enemy.   Why?  Because small business does not only not need the government, we don’t want the government.  Because 90% of the time, the government is the problem, not the solution.   If government would simply get out of our way, we could make a living without the need for the government to do anything.  We could do what we want without the blessing or permission of the government.

 For Barack Obama, that is a problem and that is why he cannot have a second term.


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