It is the Great Obama Depression – Tea Party Nation

It is the Great Obama Depression – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The drive by media continues to shill for Obama.  The economic numbers are in the tank but they continue to spin the numbers for Obama.  At least for now.

 But is it possible that wall is now cracking with at least one major network mentioning the dreaded “D” word?

 From CNBC:

The risk of a new depression — a sustained, severe recession — has struck fear into the heart of markets and driven monetary policy in developed economies since the current financial crisis began.

“We’re in a very unfortunate position to be here,” Richard Duncan, author of The New Depression, warned on CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” Monday.

“When we broke the link between money and gold, this removed all constraints on credit creation. This explosion of credit created the world we live in, but it now seems that credit cannot expand any further because the private sector is incapable of repaying the debt it has already, and if credit begins to contract, there’s a very real danger that we will collapse into a new Great Depression,” he argued.

“If this credit bubble pops, the depression could be so severe that I don’t think our civilization could survive it.

 Finally someone in the media is throwing the “D” word around. 

 We are in a depression.  It is the Great Obama Depression.  The problem we have is the media will not call it that and the Republicans lack the courage to call Obama on it, or the media or to advance the narrative themselves. 

 Does anyone really doubt that if Romney takes over in January, in a very short time the economic downturn will be referred to at best as the “Romney recession” or the Romney depression. 

 Back in 2006, the last time the Republicans controlled all three branches of government, unemployment was at 4.6% and the economy had grown for 52 straight months.

 Now we suffer from the Great Obama Depression.

 Could someone please tell me why Romney can’t get on the damn attack?  He has a great and obvious narrative that he can hit and that Obama cannot disprove.  The last time Republicans controlled government, the economy boomed.   Obama and the Party of Treason have driven the economy into a depression.

Why the hell isn’t Romney out there with this narrative?  Instead he wants to argue about his days at Bain Capital and get all pissy because Team Obama accused him of committing a felony.

 What is it with Romney?  Why the hell can’t he attack Obama on issues that will hurt him instead of playing to Obama’s strengths?

 Obama and his team continue to do everything they can to destroy the American economy.  If they were merely incompetent, the law of averages dictates they would have done at least one thing right.  They have taken every step possible to damage our economy.

 Rush was right.  Obama hates America.

 Real Americans desperately need to unite and throw this fool out of the White House and all we are getting from the Republicans is a candidate who cannot fight.


One Response to It is the Great Obama Depression – Tea Party Nation

  1. bullright says:

    Good article. I dunno. I’ve been contemplating all the reasons, cautious advisors, not in the groove yet, people aren’t paying listening right now, leave it to the super pacs, doesn’t want to look negative.(etc) But I cannot see a rational reason. We saw how he got in the primary. And there is a smorgasbord of stuff to pound away at Obama on. Instead the media has us talking about side issues. The clock is ticking.

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