The third evil – Tea Party Nation

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The third evil – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Evil comes in groups of threes.  We are seeing three evils hit America right now.   These evils have but one purpose:  To destroy American sovereignty.

 What are these three great evils and what now must we do?

 The first of these evils is the Law of the Sea Treaty or LOST.  LOST appears to be dead as enough Republican Senators have come out against it to kill it.   The Second is the UN Small Arms Treaty

 The UN Small Arms Treaty is a great evil due to the fact it is a threat to our Second Amendment rights.  While there is always cause for concern anytime our rights are threatened, the NRA has this one pretty much under control and it is very doubtful the Senate will have the votes to ratify this treaty, assuming Obama signs it.

 The third evil is flying under the radar.  Few people know about it.  That is by design.

 It is called the Trans Pacific Partnership.  It might as well be called the American Suicide Agreement.

 It is an agreement that is so bad, at least the parts that we know about it, that America is committing suicide by signing it.

 The operative part here is, what we know about it.  The negotiations, working papers and almost all details other than a few public sessions have been classified.  Congressman Darryl Issa has requested to be allowed to attend the upcoming round of negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership.

 He’s gotten about as much cooperation on that as he has on Fast and Furious. 

 Traditionally, members of Congress of both parties have been allowed to observe trade negotiations.  Why the secrecy for the Trans Pacific Partnership?

 Fortunately a few details have leaked out and what we know is very bad.

 First, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will set up foreign tribunals to which the United States MUST submit to.  The Supreme Court will no longer be the top court in the United States.  The Supreme Court will be subject to the rulings of these foreign tribunals. 

 The TPP sets up special foreign investor privileges.  They would not be subject to the laws that American businesses are subject to and if they did not like it they could sue the American government directly in tribunals set up by the World Bank and thee United Nations.

 Oh yes, the US would have a fair trial with judges from China, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

 The TPP would gut food safety standards for imported food.  Anyone remember the stories about people dying in China because of contaminated food?  That kind of contamination does not get into our food supply because we have food safety standards and we stop contaminated food. 

 Think this is an overreaction?  The World Trade Organization just ordered the US to change its consumer labels to tell us where food comes from because Canada and Mexico complained.  This is what happened under current law.

 Imagine what would happen under TPP?

 Do you want to buy meat that came from China?  I don’t and I want to know if the meat or other foods I am buying come from any place other than Iowa or Texas!

 Under the proposed TPP, our government could no longer buy American!  Such programs would be considered illegal under the TPP.  In other words, Americans would be forced to spend their tax dollars to keep Chinese workers or Vietnamese workers or Mexican workers working but not American workers.

 In 1992, the Great Republican Failure, I mean George H.W. Bush favored the NAFTA agreement.  So did Bill Clinton.  Ross Perot famously warned that we were hearing a giant sucking sound that was NAFTA taking our jobs.

 Do you know what?

Perot was right.  NAFTA was the first of a series of free trade agreements we signed.  All of them have been disasters.  Our trade deficits have shot up, our manufacturing base has been destroyed and the American blue-collar middle class is disappearing.

 TPP is NAFTA on steroids.   The only difference between steroids and NAFTA is that steroids do some good. 

 In March, the Korean Free Trade Agreement went into effect.  Guess what?  Our trade deficit with Korea has exploded since then.  In May, our trade deficit with Korea had jumped to $2 billion, which is a 53.5% increase over what it was a year earlier.  Meanwhile, thanks to this great deal, American exports to Korea are tanking. 

 How many times to do these idiots have to get it wrong before they figure out they are wrong!

 Most people learn from their mistakes.  Unfortunately the people who are running our nation are living proof of the adage that our nation was designed by geniuses and is now run by idiots. 

 This is an issue that crosses ideological lines.   Conservative groups oppose this idiocy.  Liberal groups oppose this idiocy. 

 I believe in a concept I call 90% leadership.  While there are many issues we can disagree on, there are a lot of issues out there that 90% of Americans will agree on.  So why aren’t we acting on those?

 This is a 90% issue. 

 90% of Americans agree that we need to protect American jobs.  We need to protect American products and businesses.  We need to keep our food supply safe. 

 These are our American priorities.

 We need to act now.

 TPP is being negotiated behind close doors.   We need to create resistance to TPP.  Many people, even Congressmen and Senators are not aware of the details of the TPP. 

 What should you do?

 Call your Senators and Congressman.  Tell them you want them to demand that the Trans Pacific Partnership be stopped.    August is the Congressional recess.  Many Congressmen and Senators will be holding town halls or campaign events where constituents can speak to them.  Go and tell them you want TPP stopped. 

 Either we act now or the giant sucking sound we will hear is the end of our economy, our sovereignty and our nation.


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