A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation


A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Perhaps it is the lawyer in me.  When someone makes an allegation, my first question is, how do you prove it?  What evidence do you have?

 When the worst journalist in the world, Brian Ross of the totally disreputable ABC News announced that there was someone with the same name as the Aurora shooter who was a member of the Tea Party, the first and obvious question that should have been asked, even before Ross uttered his idiotic words on TV is, what proof do you have?

 Ross had none, other than his contempt for the real Americans who make up the Tea Party.

 What motivated the shooter?

 He is not saying.  The shooter invoked his right to have an attorney and his right to remain silent.

 However, on the Internet there is at least some evidence that the shooter might have been a part of the Occupy Wall Street black bloc movement. 

 There is a video on YouTube that purports to show a screen shot taken from the Occupy Wall Street site claiming the shooter was a member of the Occupy Black Bloc movement.  It also shows archival footage of the Black Bloc on a rampage. 

 Where is Brian Ross on this?

 The answer is the faux news media, like ABC News has a narrative.  Despite the large number of crimes committed by the Occupy mobs, those are never reported, including the significant number of sexual assaults. 

 However, where the Tea Party is involved, even though it is a peaceful, law-abiding group, the media always wants to portray it as being violent.

 Let’s say you have money to bet.  Would you bet the Aurora shooter was a member of the Tea Party or the Occupy mob?

 Is the evidence offered in the video definitive?

 No, but there is certainly more evidence there than Brian Ross had when he tried to claim the shooter might be connected to the Tea Party. 

 When do you think ABC News will present this evidence?  It will happen only if they have no choice in the matter.

 Editorial Note:  I have deliberately refused to identify the shooter in this blog post.  First, Brian Ross and ABC News victimized a man with the same name and he should not be further victimized.   Second, the shooter should not be glorified.  A number of sites are pointing out that the people we should be naming are this scumbag’s victims.  I agree with that and will not use his name.



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