News flash from a faux news network. – Tea Party Nation


News flash from a faux news network. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Americans have this unusual belief in the system we have of receiving news.  If it is printed in a newspaper, broadcast on radio, TV or cable news, we believe it to be accurate.

 A recent incident has shown that at least one so-called network news outlet is not interested in the truth but more interested in pushing a political agenda.

 What was the incident, which network is it and what will happen next? 

 The incident was ABC’s Good Morning America’s broadcast concerning the Aurora Colorado massacre. 

 ABC’s Brian Ross decided it was time to advance his narrative and political agenda so he had an interchange with noted liberal and former Clinton Administration communications director George Stephanopoulos.

 Their dialogue went something like this:

 George Stephanopoulos: I want to go to Brian Ross here, because Brian you’ve been investigating the background of Jim Holmes and you found something that might be significant….

Brian Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

 What happened?

 According to reports, Brian Ross went on Google and searched “Jim Holmes” “Aurora Colorado” “Tea Party.”

 Why the hell was he making that particular search?

 Jim Holmes is a fairly common name.  As with so many other tragedies, the drive by media has tried to tie it to the Tea Party.


 Because ABC News is not a real news agency.  It is a faux news network.

 There is a legal term for what Brian Ross did.  It is called MSU.  Making stuff up.

 The Jim Holmes who was the victim of Brian Ross’ journalistic malpractice has been receiving death threats.  The good news is our civil justice system is still in tact and I hope ABC News is writing Jim Holmes a very large check, very soon.

 The Brian Ross story is a part of a greater problem. 

 The drive by media has been pushing a narrative for three and a half years that the Tea Party is violent.   The funny thing is, there is zero evidence to support it.  The Occupy camps became rape camps because of the large number of sexual assaults there but the media would not report that.

The media tried to blame the Tea Party for the Gabby Giffords shooting.  In 2009, a Census worker was found hanged.  The media tried to tie that one to the Tea Party.  Turns out it was a suicide.  In 2010 a man named Joseph Stack flew his airplane into an IRS building in a kamikaze attack.  The media wanted to blame the Tea Party for that.  Turns out Stack admired communism. 

 In 2010, there was the attempted bombing of Times Square.  America’s greatest moron, Michael Bloomberg speculated the Tea Party might have been involved.  Instead it was a group that has a track record for terrorism.  Turns out it was an Islamic terrorist.

 Earlier this year a Tea Party activist was arrested for rape and kidnapping.  The faux news networks like MSNBC were ecstatic.  Rachel Maddow was literally dancing for joy on her program.  A Tea Party criminal had finally been found. 

 They quietly buried the story a few days later when the victim confronted him in Court and announced he was not the man who attacked her.

 There are a lot of us in the Tea Party movement who are tired of this.  The faux news media went out of its way to hide stories about crimes committed at the Occupy camps, falls all over itself to make certain it does not mention Islam when Islamists commit crimes, yet goes into National Inquirer speculation mode every chance it has to claim a violent crime was committed by a Tea Party supporter.

 If you are tired of it, it is time to act. 

 Tell ABC you are disgusted with what they did and that for that kind of journalistic malpractice, both Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos should be fired.  ABC News Good Morning America has a contact email here.

 You can call them and tell them what you think.  Their number is 212-456-7777.

 If you are a shareholder for the Disney Corporation, the parent company of ABC, you can contact Disney Corporation through their shareholder relations division and demand something be done.

 It is time for We The People to insist the news media be real reporters of news and not faux news networks.  ABC is not a real news organization.



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  1. Good post. Perhaps the Tea Party ought to bring suit on the MSM for its inflammatory, (and false) accusations.

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