Liberalism: A fact free zone – Tea Party Nation

Liberalism: A fact free zone – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Arguing with liberals is an experience that can be frustrating at best. Unless you are more ADD than the average liberal or you have been prescribed some very powerful medications, trying to argue with their non-logic is a cruel and unusual experience.

It is hard to debate with liberals because you are debating with someone for whom facts are irrelevant and they do not require proof of any claim.

A typical liberal response is, “You take ‘x’ seriously?” Or they sometimes like to throw out one of their power words like “racist.” “Oh, ‘x’ is a racist.”

Why debate a point when you can simply dismiss the party making the point.

The Aurora Colorado massacre is a great example of arguing with liberals. Liberals immediately screamed we need more gun control. They screamed gun control laws would have stopped this massacre.


Could we have some evidence of this claim?

The left is ignoring quite a few facts here. First, the movie theater was a gun free zone. Aurora Colorado has some very restrictive gun laws and as intelligent as the criminal was, if he could not have used guns, he would have used something else, like the explosives he used to rig his own apartment.

Dana Milbank is a liberal scribbler for the Washington Post. Today he started whining about those who attacked Barack Obama. He blamed Mitt Romney for “nuttiness” directed at Obama.

He singled out John Sununu for his comment that Barack Obama should “learn how to be an American.”

Do you know what the only problem with Sununu’s statement is?

He apologized for it.

Milbank then decided to go into a hormone inspired rant about Birthers and those who dared to claim that Obama is a Marxist and he is sympathetic to radical Islam.

Milbank in full brain donor mode announced he wasn’t “dignifying the nuttiness.”


Perhaps you could produce some facts to support your idiotic rantings?

This is the problem with liberals. Their form of argument is to simply look down their noses at conservatives and simply dismiss anything conservatives say.

Summery dismissal of someone’s opinion might be acceptable at a Manhattan Wine and Cheese party, but for making policy it is down right stupid. Perhaps that is why liberals favor it.

For the rest of us who have to live with the results of liberal stupidity and live in the real world, we would like policy decisions based on facts and evidence, not hysterical ranting.

Gun control is a great case study. Liberals want to ban the private ownership of firearms. What has happened when that has been tried in the past?

The cities with the harshest gun control laws are the cities with the highest crime rates. When Britain and Australia banned the private ownership of guns. What happened? Violent crime went through the roof.

What is one of the nations with the lowest crime rates?


Interestingly enough, every Swiss man has an assault rifle in his home as well as other weapons. Gun crime is rare in Switzerland.

Does anyone take liberals seriously? The only thing I take seriously about liberals is their ability to damage the nation and destroy freedom and liberty.

That is something we should all take seriously.

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