The Devil’s bargain

The Devil’s bargain

USA Today had an editorial about the Aurora shooting, where it referred to the Second Amendment as the “devil’s bargain.”

 There is a devil’s bargain, but it has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.  What is it?


The devil’s bargain is listening to liberals and allowing them to make any decisions for our government.  Let’s put it in terms the left understands.  “Liberals lied, people died.”


Liberals have a set formula they work every time and we let them get away with it every time.


The formula is the left picks a target, something that works that they do not like.  They start causing as many problems as they can to keep the system from working right, then declare the system broken and the only solution is their bad idea.


In 1996, Congress passed the Anti Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.  The idea was to make the death penalty more effective and faster.  The federal government decided it would throw billions of dollars into training so that death penalty convictions would not be set aside due to ineffective lawyers and convicted criminals would not spend 20 years on death row before execution.


All the law did was gum up the works even more.  Now, sixteen years later, dozens of convictions and death sentences are thrown out every year because of “ineffective assistance of counsel.”  Defendants now spend even longer on death row.  With the possible exception of Texas, condemned criminals are more likely to die of old age and natural causes than have a date with the executioner’s needle.


Now, the same liberals who have totally screwed up the criminal justice system are announcing it is irrevocably broken and the only solution is what they wanted from the beginning, namely the abolition of the death penalty.


In an editorial today, the brain donors on the editorial staff of USA Today called the Second Amendment a “devil’s bargain.”  They wailed, “It’s a devil’s bargain that allows millions of law-abiding people to own and use guns responsibly, while accepting thousands of deliberate and accidental shootings a year, including the sort of perverse tragedy that occurred in Colorado.”

 No, the devil’s bargain is listening to liberals, like the editorial staff of USA Today.


None of the mainstream media pointed out some salient facts.  Aurora Colorado has strict gun control laws.  The movie theater told its patrons that it was a gun free zone.

 The simple truth is, because liberals had successfully barred guns from that movie theater, the shooter had a target rich environment with no real threats.


Had there been one or two armed citizens in the audience, the story would have been different.


Liberals have been desperate to disprove the obvious.  The obvious is that had people in the movie theater been able to shoot back, the death toll would not have been so high.


The liberal media reached out to some liberal big city police chiefs who parroted the party line back that armed citizens would not have helped.


When you get away from the guys who spent their careers in air-conditioned offices, schmoozing their way to the top and talk to the cops who are on the street, another story emerges.


I interviewed several current or former police officers for a blog and they all said the same thing.  One or more armed citizens would have made a difference.  Would they have killed the shooter?  Probably not, though that would have been a possible outcome.  At the least, since he was not a trained shooter, it would have been a distraction.  Could they have wounded him or pinned him down and allowed more people to escape?  That is an almost certainty.


Liberalism is a fact free zone.  John Adams said facts are hard things and liberals never like to be confused with facts.  Liberals believe things always are as they should be, never as they actually are.


Gun control has been tried.  It has failed.  Look at major American cities with restrictive gun control laws.  They are free fire zones for criminals.   Look at both Australia and the UK where gun ownership has been banned.  Violent crime is through the roof because criminals know victims are defenseless.


Look at two nations where just the opposite is true, Switzerland and Israel.  In both nations, most adults have military issued firearms.   They do not have mass shootings.  Israel has terrorist attacks but the preferred method of terrorist attack is the homicide bomber, not the shooter.


The one constant all of these mass shooting have is they took place in venues where the shooter knew the victims would be unarmed.


Thomas Jefferson said it best in 1764, when he said, “”Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”


The answer is not gun control.  We get those calls every time we have one of these incidents. 


The answer is an armed, trained and self-reliant citizenry.


Editorial Note:  I refuse to identify the Aurora shooter by name.  He should not be glorified or even get his 15 minutes of fame.  It is the victims of the Aurora shooting that should be remembered, not this criminal.

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