Liberty and consequences – Tea Party Nation

Michael Bloomberg - Cartoon

Michael Bloomberg – Cartoon (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Liberty and consequences – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Michael Bloomberg, the High Princess of the Nanny State is in full hormonal surge mode.  He has been bloviating all over the place about gun control and about soda control.

 While many joke about his attempts to control soft drinks few realize his attempts to control soft drinks are as dangerous as his attempts to control guns.

 Why is this so dangerous?

 Liberty is about choices.  Choices have consequences.  Bloomberg is crying that too many people are fat, especially in the People’s Republic of New York City.

 Getting people to be healthier is a noble goal.  Controlling them and denying them liberty is not.

 Ron Paul had one of the greatest quotes about liberty.  Liberty means being able to take risks.   Liberty means having choices.

 Is it a good choice to guzzle 32 ounce, high sugar soft drinks?  No it is not.  But it is a choice.  Is smoking a good choice?  No.  But if you want to do it in the privacy of your home or car, have at it.  As with all choices, there are consequences.  The consequences for smoking are lung disease and the chance of a really horrible death.    That is your choice to make.  Please note that your choice to smoke does not extend to the right to make me breath your second hand smoke, since I am wise enough to stay the hell away from cigarettes.

 You cannot have freedom without consequences.    To eliminate the consequences, Bloomberg wants to eliminate the freedom.

 Eliminating the consequences of all actions seems to be a liberal preoccupation.   Everything must be made safe to the liberal.  What it really means is that most liberals are too cowardly to take chances.

 Consequences can be both good and bad.  Again it all goes back to the choice.

 Consequences are a great learning mechanism and a great corrective mechanism for the free market

 When I was a child, I spent the night at my grandmother’s house one day.  She had a floor furnace and that Saturday morning I got up and walked across that hot furnace.   Walking across that furnace grating in my bare feet had a consequence and I never did that again.

 Consequences are great as an instructor in the free market.  If you realize the consequences for spending other people’s money foolishly is jail, you won’t do it.  If you realize that buying something you cannot afford means a trip to bankruptcy court, you will learn from that and not do it again.

 Most millionaires in America are not the young dotcom millionaires that the media likes to focus on.   Most Americans who become millionaires do so in their fifties and the more interesting fact is they do it after three or four failures. 

 Failure is the consequence of choice.  Choice is the result of freedom.  Most people learn far more from their failures than they do their successes. 

 Unfortunately with Michael Bloomberg and the nanny state, those choices are taken away.  Unfortunately they want to take away consequences as well.

 If you take away the consequences for bad behavior, such as for bad business decisions, you loose all of the benefits of the free market.

 Loosing the benefits of freedom is actually what the left wants.  Freedom is not only the ability to choose and the ability to take risks; it is the ability to learn.

 If people are not allowed to learn from their mistakes they truly lose all freedom and independence. 

 The funny thing about the left is, that is what they always want.

 We joke about Michael Bloomberg’s assault on the big soft drinks, but his attack is not just an attack on what people drink.  It is an attack on freedom, every bit as much as his attacks on the Second Amendment are an attack on freedom and liberty.

 That is why we must oppose every effort by Michael Bloomberg and the liberals to impose the nanny state on us. 


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