The birther manifesto – Tea Party Nation


The birther manifesto – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

We have all heard about the so-called “birther” movement.   The left likes to deride the birther movement, trying to portray the “birthers” as a small group of crazy people who have the insane belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

 Is the birther movement really that crazy and should conservatives be listening to them?

 The birther movement is not crazy like the drive-by media likes to portray.   Of course, no one should ever base their opinion of any conservative based on how they are portrayed by the drive-by media.

 The birther movement in plain, non-lawyer English, is a movement that challenges the eligibility of Barack Obama to be President of the United States.

 The media likes to claim birthers believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya.  Few eligibility activists, the term I prefer, believe that.

 Most say they simply don’t know the answer to the question, where was Barack Obama born.  There is some circumstantial evidence that he was born in Hawaii as the Democrats claim.   There is also some circumstantial evidence that Obama may have been born someplace else.   Due to his mother’s age at the time, under American law, if Obama were born overseas he would not qualify as a natural born citizen.

 There are a lot of questions about Obama’s birth.  Why doesn’t Obama simply release his birth certificate?  Why did the Obama Regime feel it necessary to release an obviously forged photoshopped version of the birth certificate?  The forgery was so bad that Photoshop experts and questioned document examiners quickly picked it apart.    Why did Obama’s literary agent, beginning in 1991 and for years afterwards, state in promotional materials that Barack Obama was born in Kenya?

 Obama’s penchant for secrecy extends throughout his life, including his college records.  Many people have asked how someone who was a self admitted poor student get into first Occidental College, then Columbia University and finally Harvard Law School?

 Many people, including Obama’s Columbia classmate Wayne Allyn Root, have speculated that Obama went to school as a foreign exchange student

 How could he have done this?

 When his Indonesian stepfather adopted Barack Obama, he became an Indonesian citizen.  Obama’s childhood school record from Indonesia, lists him as an Indonesian citizen.

Upon their divorce, Barack Obama’s mother could have applied to have his American citizenship restored. 

 While there is an argument that if a child is adopted by a foreign national and then gets their American citizenship back, they are no longer considered a natural born citizen; the greater story here could be that his mother never applied to have his citizenship restored.

 If that is the case, the issue of whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen becomes moot because he is not even a citizen.

 This is where those school records become so crucial. 

 If Barack Obama went to school as a foreign exchange student, he would have had to offer proof that he was a citizen of another nation.    Is this why Barack Obama steadfastly refuses to release his school records?

 The left goes nuts over the eligibility movement.  The drive-by media has basically ignored it.   Even some in the conservative movement treat those who are interested in the eligibility question as if they were a used piece of toilet paper.

 Why is eligibility so important?

 Because if we prove that Barack Obama was not eligible to be President, all of his acts would be void.  It would be as if they never happened.

 Imagine a giant reset button that could take us back to 2009.  This is what it would mean.  All of Obama’s appointees would not be appointed because Obama would not have been eligible to be President; therefore those appointments would have been void.   All of the actions by those appointees would be void.

 Two Supreme Court justices would be gone.  Hundreds of federal judges would be gone. 

 Blasé Pascal, the famous 17th Century mathematical genesis was once asked about the existence of God.  He said while the probability of the God existing was small, the rewards for believing in God, namely everlasting life were so huge that it made sense to believe in God.

 Who knows what the odds are of proving that Barack Obama was ineligible to be President.   One thing is certain.  The rewards for proving him ineligible are huge and could be what it takes to save the nation.

 We should all be birthers.


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  1. Eclectic Horseman says:

    The other way he qualifies as a “foreign student” is that he probably had dual citizenship when born (mother American, father British subject, Kenyan 2 years later). As I understand it, Obama had to renounce US citizenship by age 23 or lose Kenyan citizenship, which is probably what happened. That would cover his college years. The question about his Indonesian status remains wide open.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    Well done.

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