NYPD: The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Sraight

Tarpon's Swamp

What a great argument for more gun control, right Bloomie?

The shooter didn’t fire another shot, after killing his intended victim.

NYPD chief Ray Kelly confirmed today that all nine bystanders wounded in yesterday’s shooting near the Empire State Building were injured by police bullets, reports CNN. The two officers who approached Jeffrey Johnson fired 16 rounds after he pulled his gun on them at point-blank range, and authorities think at least seven rounds hit Johnson, reports Gothamist. (See surveillance video of the shooting here.)
“We recovered whole bullets from two of the victims,” Kelly said. “Actually, we think a total of the three out of the nine bystanders were struck with bullets, the rest were struck with fragments of some sort.” Of the nine, six were treated and released from local hospitals by this morning. The other three were in…

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